Starfield bugs

Starfield glitches are bound to appear, so we're rounding up a list of Starfield bug fixes and workarounds.

Starfield bugs

Previous Bethesda titles have always had a reputation for glitches, and the sheer scale of Starfield means it’s almost certain to have a few Starfield bugs. Fortunately, Bethesda’s extended development time should mean fewer bugs for the Starfield release date, but that doesn’t mean the game will be bug free. So, we’ve put together a guide that will cover the most game-critical bugs you may encounter and how to fix them.

What are Starfield bugs?

A ‘bug’ is a conflict in the game which can cause graphical or technical issues, and potentially cause Starfield to crash. In this way, Starfield’s bugs can be categorized into two broad categories.

  • Major bugs – bugs which cause crashes to desktop, render areas of the game unplayable, or corrupt your save.
  • Minor bugs – technical or graphical issues that disrupt gameplay but do not prevent you from proceeding further, such as a weapon refusing to reload or a character getting stuck in place.

As bugs are discovered and fixed, you can be sure we’ll update this guide and the associated pages.

How do I fix Starfield bugs?

Bethesda is almost certainly going to deploy Starfield patches on a very regular basis, fixing any player-reported bugs.

Those that Bethesda don’t resolve will almost certainly be resolved by a number of Starfield mods, such as the already announced Starfield Community Patch – the Starfield equivalent of the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch which has also been seen under similar names for other Bethesda titles.

Sadly, this won’t eliminate every bug you encounter, particularly if you employ a large number of mods.

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to resolve the majority of bugs:

  • Restart the game – reloading the save will also work as it should reset the majority of entities in your vicinity.
  • Return to an earlier save – if a particular action caused a bug, there is a chance that loading an earlier save and trying again won’t trigger the same bug.
  • Deactivate mods – if you have a lot of mods activated, try deactivating them one at a time until the game is stable again. You can then isolate and report the bugs to the Starfield mod authors.
  • Use cheats and console commandsStarfield console commands are your greatest tools to resolving issues, allowing you to skip faulty objective markers, bad cell transitions (moving location), missing Starfield NPCs, and more.

Using Starfield console commands to resolve bugs

Common issues you are bound to encounter will be spawning issues wherein a quest objective, NPC, or weapon spawns in an inaccessible location. Here, you can use a simple movetoplayer command to bypass the issue.

You can also use the command menu to progress through quest markers and objectives if you’ve encountered a glitch mid-quest.

With Starfield now available to play, you can be sure we will keep track of every vulnerability and fix, so be sure to check out our Starfield console commands and cheats, and Starfield settings guides to tool yourself up and get the most out of this epic space RPG.

NPCs looking away bug

One of the more entertaining Starfield bugs we’ve seen so far is NPC characters failing to turn and face you in conversations. It doesn’t affect the gameplay, but talking to the back of a character like Barrett or Sarah Morgan isn’t the most immersive experience. The easiest way to avoid this bug is seemingly to just never try and start a conversation when standing behind a character.

Starfield crashing bug on Xbox

Bethesda bugs are often hilarious, but not when they’re crashing the game. Much of the community, including ourselves, has experienced a Starfield crashing bug on Xbox Series S, with some reports on the deluxe Xbox Series X console also. In our experience, the game crashes on the opening screen the first time after you’ve booted up the console to play it. Still, there is at least a seemingly quick fix, needing just a restart to get the game working at a surprisingly high quality on both consoles. We’re still waiting to see if there’s a day-one patch to fix this issue, or if it’s just something that Xbox users might just have to get accustomed to for a while.

Starfield healing food bug

Despite Bethesda’s love of food and the delicious models they’ve implemented for consumables like the Ta’Ameya Pita or Patty Melt, many players are reporting that consuming food in Starfield replenishes no health. Even players who have taken the Nutrition skill are reporting that eating huge amounts of food restores no HP.

We’re still waiting to see if Bethesda will patch this, or give food a big healing buff so players will hoard fewer Med Packs and more sandwiches.

Starfield grav jump bug

Many players are reporting that their ships are unable to grav jump or land on planets. For some reason, their ships are stuck in a “grav jump pending” state, and there’s no way to cancel it.

Unfortunately, this softlocks the game, and the only fix thus far reported has been to load an earlier save.

If you’re having trouble yourself, or notice any substantial Starfield bugs, get over to our Starfield forum to tell us more or see if any members of the community might have an answer to your problems.

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