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This essential Starfield mod fixes all the bugs Bethesda missed

The Unofficial Starfield Community Patch has launched on Nexus Mods, bringing hundreds of bug fixes to Starfield with a single mod.

This essential Starfield mod fixes all the bugs Bethesda missed

If there’s one Starfield mod that could be called absolutely essential for PC gamers, it’s the Starfield Community Patch. The unofficial Starfield patch is a massive work of collaboration between numerous fans and mod authors that aims to record and fix every Starfield bug. Over 300 bugs have been documented by the Starfield Community Patch (SFCP), and fixes for 32 errors are already available with one simple download.

Recorded as the very first mod on Nexus Mods, the Starfield Community Patch is the spiritual successor to previous unofficial Bethesda patches like the Unofficial Fallout 4 patch. Historically, these patches have been the single most downloaded mods of all time for their respective games, and have gone on to resolve thousands of bugs which Bethesda never addressed prior to discontinuing support for the affected game.

The Starfield Community Patch v0.0.1 is completely free to download, and addresses everything from bugged weapons, glitchy companions, broken dialog, faulty missions, and even the occasional typo.

Just to name a few bugs the SFCP v0.0.1 resolves:

  • Companions will no longer get angry with you for boarding enemy vessels.
  • Skills will now correctly apply the bonuses they’re supposed to.
  • Neon security officers won’t claim you have a bounty even after you’ve been jailed.

And best of all? Player characters will no longer get stuck headtracking to the left while sprinting or jumping. This is a bug that has been present since the game’s launch, and hasn’t been fixed in subsequent Starfield updates.

While modding Starfield isn’t something that interests everyone, the Starfield Community Patch is the one exception everyone should make. Historically, the fanmade patches have resulted in significantly smoother gameplay for previous Bethesda games, and it’s very likely the same will be true for Starfield.

Installing the SFCP will result in the disabling of Starfield achievements, but fortunately there’s a mod you can install to resolve that.

Unfortunately, anyone playing Starfield on the Xbox won’t be able to benefit from the SFCP for now until official Xbox mod support has been rolled out, which isn’t due to happen until January 2024, when the Creation Kit 2 is released to the general public. However, the SFCP has committed itself to creating an Xbox-compatible version of the SFCP as soon as possible.

Until that day comes, Xbox players can still benefit from the SFCP by using the Starfield cross save feature to play on a modded PC session where the SFCP can potentially fix any bugged quests.

As the Community Patch evolves, you can be sure to find the latest updates by following Starfield Db on Google News, or by visiting the SFCP website where you can contribute to their bug-fixing efforts. Found a bug you want fixed? Head over to the Starfield forum!