The Starfield Constellation Edition has been revealed – and it’s glorious

We've finally seen inside the Starfield Constellation Edition, the long-rumored Starfield collector’s edition bundle.

Thanks to this evening’s Starfield Direct event, we can now confirm the contents of the Starfield Constellation Edition, the long-rumored Starfield collector’s edition bundle. 

We finally know what we’re getting from the Starfield Collector’s Edition, and the headline item is the Constellation Explorer’s Watch, otherwise known as the Starfield Chronomark Watch.

Screenshot of the full Starfield collector's edition order - Constellation Edition


The watch seamlessly connects to your smartphone, comes in a beautiful case that draws inspiration from Apollo-era NASA, and better still, looks like the one you wear in the game. 

While we don’t have a confirmed Starfield Constellation Edition price just yet, we’d expect it to cost hundreds of dollars – beautifully engineered smartwatches don’t come cheap, after all. As part of the Starfield Direct showcase, game director Todd Howard waxed lyrical about the design of the timepiece (though we were disappointed to notice that he wasn’t wearing Starfield Crocs).

Rumors of the Starfield watch have been swirling around the game’s community for many months, with some speculating earlier in the year it would be in the Constellation Edition. Now we know for sure, and we’re excited to show off a fancy Starfield timepiece at just about every opportunity. 

There you have it, the news that the Starfield Constellation Edition is confirmed and should soon be available to order. While you’re here, check out our guides on Starfield locations, Starfield planets, Starfield weapons, and Starfield ships

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