Starfield collector’s edition

Limited edition packaging? A Starfield watch? We examine what's likely to appear in the Starfield collector's edition.

If you’re on the lookout for a Starfield collector’s edition, you’re not the only one. Countless Bethesda fans, and those just excited about this cruise across the cosmos, are hoping for a premium offering when it finally comes to the release of this much-hyped game. Having looked through the depths of the internet, we’re here to report on whether there’s something to be excited about.

Regardless of the version you opt for, this Bethesda RPG looks to be another epic. Be sure to gear up for your voyage into the depths with our guides to Starfield weapons, Starfield character creation, Starfield ship types, Starfield factions, and Starfield traits.

Is there a Starfield collector’s edition?

While we do have a Starfield release date, we still don’t know exactly what to expect of a Starfield collector’s edition version. In saying that, it’s likely that the much-anticipated game goes on sale with a premium alternative, as is the standard for previous games from Bethesda and other major studios.

There have been some unofficial murmurings on the Starfield Reddit, as well as a handful of Starfield leaks suggesting what to expect Bethesda to include in the Starfield collector’s edition.

Among the most tantalising of these rumors is the possibility of a Starfield watch. This timepiece was spotted in a behind-the-scenes moment featured in one of the early Starfield trailers, and further photographs of the Starfield smartwatch subsequently appeared in Reddit posts and elsewhere.

Screenshot of a NPC in Starfield showcasing a sword for Starfield collector's edition guide

Is there a Starfield watch?

It looks as though there will be a Starfield watch, and it will be called the LPV6 Chronomark. It’s built by The Wand Company, a British prop manufacturer.

The Starfield smartwatch includes a barometer, as well as information on local weather, sunrise and sunset times, and phases of the moon – all of which is perfect if you’re exploring alien worlds.

While the Chronomark seems to be a real device – it has a manual you can read online, after all – the question is whether it’s an official piece of Starfield merchandise. If it is, surely the Starfield watch would be a shoo-in for inclusion in a Starfield collector’s edition.

Can I pre-order Starfield collector’s edition?

Currently, you can only pre-order the base game, and there’s no advance option for securing a Starfield collector’s edition. We know that there will be at least one more Starfield showcase before the release of the game, so if there is a collector’s edition, it’s possible that the developer will offer more information on it then.

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