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Starfield Constellation Edition

The Starfield collector's edition is really special, but unfortunately, since the pre-order period ended, the Constellation Edition has been impossible to find.

Starfield Constellation Edition

If you’re on the lookout for the Starfield Constellation Edition, we’ve got bad news for you  – it appears to be completely sold out everywhere. If that changes and we find any retailers offering it we’ll update this page. Unfortunately, we don’t think that that’s very likely as this kind of special edition is usually reserved for the pre-order period.

Where to pre order Starfield Collector’s Edition

The Starfield Collector’s Edition is already sold out at all the major retailers we checked. If is ever made available again, we’ll list the retailers here. Don’t be too disappointed though. While Constellation Edition had a number of nifty goodies, it didn’t have any exclusive in-game content (aside from some cosmetics). If you go for the Premium Edition, you’ll still be able to enjoy the full experience. This version is readily available pretty much everywhere, including the following retailers:


What does the Starfield Constellation Edition include?

The Starfield Constellation Edition came with several Starfield-branded goodies and 5 days of early access (which are now passed). Here’s what it had:

Screenshot of the Starfield collectors edition: Starfield Constellation edition.

Countless Bethesda fans, and not just those excited about this cruise across the cosmos, were excited to get their hands on the premium content offered by the Starfield Constellation Edition.

As we’ve mentioned, the Starfield Constellation Edition came with 5 days of Early Access, the first piece of Starfield DLC: Starfield Shattered Space – First Story Expansion, a Constellation skin pack, and several digital extras including the official soundtrack and art book.

Much like the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy edition, the Starfield Constellation Edition came with a Chronomark watch which you can “connect to your phone to give you notifications and other information” according to Todd Howard. It comes in an exclusive case that was first spotted in a Starfield leak over a year previously.

More Starfield collectible editions

If wanted to get a bit of Starfield merchandise beyond the Starfield Constellation Edition, you could have purchased the Starfield Explorer’s Bundle.  It came with a limited edition Vasco statue and three Starfield decal sheets. The Bethesda website states that there are “only 800 worldwide” so it’s no surprise that these sold out pretty quickly.  They are expected to ship in October 2023.

Screenshot of Bethesda's Starfield Explorer's Bundle - Collector's Edition.

Is Starfield Constellation Edition already sold out?

Now that the Starfield release date has passed and all the major retailers have run out of copies, your chances of finding the Constellation Edition are sadly very low. You might be able to find one from a scalper somewhere, but that will come at an extortionate price that we imagine will put off post players.

Even if you missed the chance to pre order the Constellation Edition, you can still have a comprehensive experience of the game through the Premium Edition. Discover our Starfield merchandise page for all the limited edition Starfield-themed gear, including the official Starfield controller.

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