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Starfield Creations store

What does the Starfield Creations have up its sleeve, and how can you get access to the best paid mods on the platform?

Starfield Creations store

The Starfield Creations store is the officially supported hub of paid Starfield mods, providing players with access to hundreds of verified creators, free expansions, and optional bonuses. In order to install a mod from the Creations store, players will need to launch the Creations store, setup a Bethesda account (if they haven’t already), and add the mods to their account.

Many mods cost Creation Credits, which are a new premium currency added to the game as of the 1.12.30 Starfield update on June 9, 2024. These Creation Credits are used to purchase access to various mods in the same way that Atoms were used in Bethesda’s Fallout 76 Atom Shop.

Starfield Creations

“Starfield Creations” are Bethesda’s term for mods which have been created using the Creation Kit framework as part of their Bethesda Game Studios Verified Creator Program. The program is designed to allow modders to earn royalties from their creations, while also permitting Bethesda to perform “quality assurance” on all submitted mods.

In a similar vein, all updates that a mod creator intends to submit for any one mod will go through the verification process again to ensure the update doesn’t break or negatively impact the original release.

Unlike the Creation Club, the new Verified Creator Program is designed with fewer restrictions, namely:

  • Content does not require a game patch to release
  • There is no restriction on including voice over
  • Content has no requirement to be lore friendly
  • Modders must follow platform restrictions for content and storage
  • Mods may not be localized in multiple languages

Screenshot of the Starfield Creations store page.

Free Starfield Creation Credits

At present, there is no way to earn Creation Credits without purchasing them with real-world currency. However, players who own the Digital Premium Edition of the game will receive 1000 Creation Credits as a bonus. The 1000 Credits can be claimed simply by launching the Creations Store and choosing the “Yes” option when the pop-up window appears.

That said, numerous players have reported issues in the immediate aftermath of the Creation store’s launch when redeeming Creation Credits. For now, your best bet is to raise a support ticket directly with Bethesda to ensure your account is credited appropriately.