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Fans have made Starfield Crocs and we want Todd Howard to wear them

Todd Howard, please wear these comfortable and stylish Starfield crocs during the upcoming Starfield showcase.

Fans have made Starfield Crocs and we want Todd Howard to wear them

When game director Todd Howard takes to the stage at Sunday’s Starfield Direct event, he’s likely to be wearing one of his trademark leather jackets. Sure, they’re tasteful and practical garments, but Todd – we’d love it if you slip on a pair of these fanmade Starfield Crocs as well.

A fanmade Constellation-themed Croc design has appeared on Twitter shortly following a number of Starfield merchandise leaks. Creator @benkenobi2020 said that “the one thing missing” from the leaks was a pair of Starfield Crocs.

Sporting the Constellation logo and stripes, these comfortable Crocs would be perfect for Todd Howard to wear on stage during the upcoming Starfield showcase event. After all, Todd will be on his feet for quite some time during the 30-minute Starfield Direct segment, so there’s no denying it: Starfield Crocs are the perfect shoe for the job, allowing you to showcase your game while also keeping the strain off your aching feet.

Though the fanmade Crocs are only a design, many online users like @disastermouse have expressed their need to have them. “This needs to exist.”

“Now there is a product that I have been waiting for” said Redditor FinalBed6476 in response to the Crocs.

The design is so good, that many feel they would be perfect alongside the recently leaked Starfield controller and headset, or the Starfield journal available on Amazon.

Sadly, @benkenobi2020 does not appear to have plans to manufacture or sell their Starfield-themed Crocs, so fans will just have to wait for the upcoming Starfield event on June 11, 2023.

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