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Starfield controller

The limited edition Starfield controller is a stylish collectible packed with detail and quality of life improvements.

Starfield controller

The Starfield controller is the perfect addition to any Starfield fan’s collection. The Xbox Starfield controller was officially announced during the July 2023 Starfield showcase, and quickly became a highly-sought after prize.

The controller was shown to feature a Constellation color scheme, and included in-game controls mapped to each button as part of the design. In addition, those lucky enough to grab a controller got to enjoy the transparent triggers, full side and back grips, and some hidden details in the battery pack.

Stock for the Starfield controllers are frequently sold out, so make sure you secure your controller while you still can!

Starfield controller review

We were lucky to get our hands on a Starfield controller prior to the launch of Starfield, and happily reviewed it as a truly exceptional Xbox accessory.

Camera shot of the Starfield controller - unboxed.

“Made for Explorers”, the Starfield controller has textured rubber grips which makes it very comfortable to hold and reduces slippage. The joysticks, bumpers, and triggers are similarly textured.

Camera shot of the Starfield controller - reverse.

The design is clean and crisp, with the XYAB buttons and the balls of the joysticks having a glossy finish applied to them.

Camera shot of the Xbox Starfield controller.

Quality-wise, the thumbsticks don’t drift, the transparent triggers and bronze rumble motors within are well-cushioned, and all of the usual ports and slots that make the controller compatible with any modern system and console are present.

Outside of the unique design, there isn’t any real difference between the Starfield controller and the standard Xbox equivalent. However, the Starfield controller brings a little of Starfield to life in your hands while you’re flying your ship, gunning down pirates, or romancing companions. So, if you’re looking for additional immersion, or a solid piece of Starfield merchandise, it may well be worth adding the Starfield controller to your setup before blasting off.

Starfield controller deals

The controller is in really high demand right now, so make sure you secure your Starfield controller while stocks last. Once you have your controller, you can start thinking about what you’re going to do with it, so check out our guides to the Starfield factions, Starfield locations, Starfield enemies, and Starfield ships. Or, if you want to find out if you can use your Valve technology as a controller in this game, check out all the details in our Starfield Steam Deck guide.

When was the Starfield controller release date?

The Starfield controller release date was set for June 12 worldwide – just one day after the Starfield Direct showcase first advertised it alongside the “deep-dive” into all things Starfield. It was featured alongside the Starfield headset, the perfect accompaniment to the Xbox Starfield controller.

Is the Starfield controller still available?

Unlike some limited edition game tie-in hardware we’ve seen in the past, both the Starfield controller and headset are still readily available. Still, we’re sure that more space explorers are going to pick up this enticing bit of kit now that we’re well past the Starfield release, so it’s worth taking the plunge now if you don’t want to miss out further down the line. If you missed the deals at the top of the page, take a second look to see if there are any discounts on the Starfield controller across the wider web.

Is there Starfield controller support for PC?

If you’re a PC player who doesn’t want to miss out on the Starfield controller, we’ve got good news. The PC version of Starfield offers Xbox controller support, so even if you don’t own the base console, you can pick up the Starfield controller with the confidence it’s suitable for all your space exploration needs.