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The Starfield Starborn is an enemy you can encounter during your travels in the Settled Systems.

Enemy Types Humanoid

Starborn overview

Starfield Starborn is one of many Starfield enemies you can encounter in Starfield, and is categorized as Humanoid.

As your level increases, so too will the levels, health, and variations of the Starborn enemies you encounter. Among the standard Starborn enemies you face, some may spawn with additional red marks beneath the white health bar above their head. These red marks function as additional health bars, making these higher-health Starborn much more difficult to deal with.

This alien foe has a semi-invisibility effect applied to them. However, if you can deal enough damage, they will become visible. Upon defeat, the Starborn burst into a shower of lights, leaving no body behind to loot, but you will gain a unit of Quantum Essence.

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