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Argos Extractors

Argos Extractors
Faction Types Minor faction
Joinable No
System Narion

Argos Extractors overview

The Argos Extractors faction is a Minor faction that you can encounter in Starfield.

Starfield factions can provide unique Starfield armor, Starfield weapons, and even faction-specific missions at various points during your playthrough. Each group possesses its own unique idealogy and doctrine, along with a unique range of NPCs and enemies (should you get on their bad side). Should you wrong a faction you’re friendly with, you’ll accrue a bounty, which you’ll need to clear at a Tracker’s Alliance bounty board, or face bounty hunters, a jail cell, or unrelenting hostility.

Argos Extractors NPCs

Within this faction are a number of named characters you can encounter in a variety of locations in Starfield.

Argos Extractors locations

The Argos Extractors faction has a presence in the following systems: