He might have got himself stranded on a barren planet in the middle of nowhere, but Heller is a great choice for improving your outpost.

LocationArgos Extractors Mining Outpost
Crew MemberYes

It might not be encouraging that Heller crash-landed on a deserted planet, but you can’t deny he’s very good at managing an outpost!

The Reddit community has theorized that Heller is not just a crew member, but one of the starting NPCs you meet during Starfield’s opening mission. Judging from his armor, and what we can see of his face beneath the helmet, there is a good chance Reddit is correct, but we won’t know more until the game’s launch.

Heller’s skills

  • Geology – Rank 1
  • Outpost Engineering – Rank 3

Screenshot of the NPC Heller's starting skills.

It seems as though Heller is indeed a miner, much like the NPCs you meet at the start of the game, but Heller’s Outpost Engineering skill will definitely make him essential when base building.

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