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There are many travelers, smaller factions and fringe groups within the Settled Systems, but some go mad and become Spacers.

Faction Types Minor faction
Joinable No
System Sol
Item Code 002758C5

Who are the Violent Spacers?

Spacers are humans that have gone out into the Settled Systems and become violent. Much like bandits, these travellers care nothing for the wellbeing of others, and will frequently raid outposts and other facilities for supplies. There is no reasoning with a Spacer, and many consider Spacers to have gone mad, or crumpled under the pressures of living in space.

Spacers quests

The Spacers faction provides a number of unique Starfield faction quests with unique rewards and objectives.

Here are all the known Spacers faction missions:

Spacers locations

The Spacers faction has a presence in the following systems:

How to join the Spacers

It is not possible to join the Spacers, as they are a random collection of individuals, rather than a cohesive faction. “Spacers” is just a general term for any Spacefarer that wanders the Settled Systems and engages in banditry. You could well already be considered a Spacer by several NPCs without your knowledge.

If you’re looking for a villianous faction to join, check out the Crimson Fleet faction guide, or check out the Starfield map so you know where to avoid, and where you might find a few violent Spacers.