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Crimson Fleet

Ever dreamed of being a space pirate and looting your way across the galaxy? Join the Starfield Crimson Fleet faction.

Crimson Fleet
Faction Types Major faction
Joinable Yes
System Kryx
Item Code 00010B30

The Starfield Crimson Fleet faction is a collection of barely-organized pirates that hunt for loot throughout the Settled Systems. Recognizable from their futuristic Jolly Roger symbol, red-hued armor, and skull masks, the Crimson Fleet doesn’t follow the established rules set by the United Colonies, and finds itself more than happy to prey upon spacers or unlucky settlers in order to make some Credits.

Unlike Starfield factions like the United Colonies, Constellation, or the Freestar Collective, the Crimson Fleet doesn’t seem particularly interested in history or legacy on an individual level. Speak to the faction leader Delgado, however, and you’ll discover that the Crimson Fleet leader is very interested in the history of the Fleet. In particular, Delgado wants a treasure trove said to be buried by the Fleet’s founder, Jasper Kryx.

How to join the Crimson Fleet

The Constellation main quest line is designed to introduce you to all of the major factions. Eventually, you’ll encounter the quest No Sudden Moves which forces you to commit a crime in some capacity.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait this long to join the Crimson Fleet. Simply commit a crime (pick a pocket, hit an NPC etc) within United Colonies controlled space or on a United Colonies planet, and let yourself be arrested. Alternatively, join the United Colonies faction and complete the Supra Et Ultra and Grunt Work quests, and John Tuala will direct you to the UC Vigilance for an undercover mission against the Crimson Fleet.

Should you choose to be arrested, shortly thereafter you’ll wake up inside the interrogation room of the UC Vigilance – the capital ship of the United Colonies Navy. Kibwe Ikande, the commander of the UC Vigilance, will ask you to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet by taking a shipment of Aurora to Cydonia. Within Cydonia, you will find a broker, Saoirse Bowden, who can point you in the right direction to joining the Crimson Fleet as part of the Deep Cover quest.

Bowden, found in the Trade Authority Outpost – Cydonia hub (down the main corridor and on the right), will point you towards Adler Kemp in the Broken Spear bar.

Should you refuse Kibwe Ikande’s offer, you will serve your time in a jail cell, and the UC SysDef will become hostile towards you (note, only the SysDef subfaction becomes hostile). Some time later, a passing NPC will hand you a note that simply states you’ve attracted the Crimson Fleet’s interest for sticking your nose up at the UC. The note will direct you to speak with Kemp.

Kemp wants you to recover a debt from Karl Fielding. Once you’ve resolved the debt, either by recovering it from Fielding or paying it off yourself, Kemp will send you to meet Naeva Mora in orbit around Europa.

Naeva will task you with hunting down a traitor aboard a medical supply ship as part of the Rook Meets King mission. Kill the mark or spare them, and return to Naeva to discover that she is under attack by Ecliptic Mercenaries.

Defeat the ships, and Naeva will invite you to The Key – the home of the Crimson Fleet. Journey there, and you will be inducted as a full-fledged member of the Crimson Fleet. Just remember: No one quits. The only way out… is death.

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Crimson Fleet NPCs

Within this faction are a number of named characters you can encounter in a variety of locations in Starfield.

Crimson Fleet quests

The Crimson Fleet faction provides a number of unique Starfield faction quests with unique rewards and objectives.

Here are all the known Crimson Fleet faction missions:

Crimson Fleet locations

The Crimson Fleet faction has a presence in the following systems:

Where is the Crimson Fleet from?

The Crimson Fleet started out in the Kryx system as nothing more simple than a ragtag group of prisoner rioters. Originally housed in a fortress-like prison cell, the inmates of The Lock fashioned blades and other weapons from the abundant ice that littered their jail cells on the planet Suvorov. Following the guidance of Jasper Kryx, the inmates staged a successful riot which granted the would-be pirates access to a large number of guns and heavy weapons.

Fully armed, Jasper Kryx led his fellow prisoners to the UC spacestation known as The Key in orbit over The Lock. Having gained complete control over The Key, the prisoners soon became the beginnings of the Crimson Fleet faction. Since then, the Crimson Fleet has expanded outside the Kryx system and disrupted operations for the UC and FC in the wider Settled Systems.

They have established footholds in a number of systems like Sagan, Cheyenne, Lunara, and Narion, however, you’re quite likely to encounter them randomly on just about any planet.

Who are the Crimson Fleet’s enemies?

While the Crimson Fleet is an antagonist faction, their main enemy is undoubtedly the United Colonies. Disregarding the UC SysDef’s purpose to hunt down all Fleet pirates, the Crimson Fleet was originally formed when prisoners took over a UC prison, The Lock, and the orbiting spacestation, The Key. Thus, it can be said that the Crimson Fleet and the United Colonies are mortal enemies.

At first, the Crimson Fleet will be hostile towards the player. However, by joining the faction, all Crimson Fleet pirates will become neutral towards you, and even cause you to accrue a criminal bounty should you injure or attack a Crimson Fleet pirate.