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Crimson Fleet

Ever dreamed of being a space pirate and looting your way across the galaxy? Join the Starfield Crimson Fleet faction.

Crimson Fleet
Faction TypesMajor faction
Item Code00010B30

The Starfield Crimson Fleet faction is a collection of barely-organized pirates that hunt for loot throughout the Settled Systems. Recognizable from their futuristic Jolly Roger symbol, red-hued armor, and skull masks, the Crimson Fleet doesn’t follow the established rules set by the United Colonies, and finds itself more than happy to prey upon spacers or unlucky settlers in order to make some Credits.

Unlike Starfield factions like the United Colonies, Constellation, or the Freestar Collective, the Crimson Fleet doesn’t seem particularly interested in history or legacy on an individual level. Speak to the faction leader Delgado, however, and you’ll discover that the Crimson Fleet leader is very interested in the history of the Fleet. In particular, Delgado wants a treasure trove said to be buried by the Fleet’s founder, Jasper Kryx.