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This Starfield Interstellar mod replaces the soundtrack with Hans Zimmer’s score

If Bethesda’s deep space RPG has you thinking of a certain Christopher Nolan film, you can go all in with the Starfield Interstellar mod.

This Starfield Interstellar mod replaces the soundtrack with Hans Zimmer’s score

While we can all agree that Inon Zur’s soundtrack is pretty incredible, we’re one of many intrigued by a new Starfield Interstellar mod that replaces Zur’s melodic soundtrack with one of Hans Zimmer’s most famous works. Zimmer’s score fits surprisingly well, though the correct term might not be surprising, considering how much the central themes of these two works have in common. Either way, it’s one of the more interesting Starfield mods we’ve seen so far.

This simple Starfield Interstellar mod from the Nexus Mods database doesn’t replace every instance of Zur’s score, just the main menu theme. It does, however, also replace the background you usually would get when opening the game, substituting the still image of Starfield NPC characters with space flight and landing footage from the film.

Interestingly enough, Todd Howard confirmed that Interstellar was one of the many inspirations when creating Starfield, so it’s pretty neat to see things go full circle with this musical Instellar mod. Now all we’re waiting for is an NPC mod to turn your character into Cooper, so he finally gets the chance to venture out into space without the worry of running into something as mind-blowing as the Tesseract. Oh wait, we forgot that Starfield Artifacts are a thing. Nevermind. There’s still trouble out in the beyond.

With that, you’re up to date with the news that there’s a Starfield Interstellar mod waiting to replace Inon Zur’s melancholy pianos with Hans Zimmer’s melancholic synthesizers. If you’ve found some interesting musical replacements on Nexus Mods, be sure to let us know on our Starfield forum.