Starfield Artifacts

Mysterious Starfield Artifacts are the centerpiece to Starfield’s main storyline, but what are they, and where can we find them?

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We first heard mention of Starfield Artifacts during the gameplay trailer, but the Starfield launch date announcement further emphasized the importance of these vision-granting relics. So, we’ve gathered all of the available information here in one guide.

What are Starfield Artifacts?

The Starfield Artifacts we have seen in the trailer appear to be pieces of something much larger. They seem alien in origin, or an extremely advanced form of technology. Constellation, the first faction the player will join in Starfield, are particularly interested in gathering these Artifacts to solve a mystery: “What’s out there?”

“You’ll be part of solving that puzzle, now.”

Starfield Artifacts may look like this object once gathered in one place

Those who find the Artifacts experience visions, but we haven’t seen what the visions entail or elude to, or how they might relate to “The Eye”.

The Constellation headquarters features a display containing numerous Artifacts and shining particles. These bright lights appear to form three distinct rings, and the Artifacts arrange themselves into place.

From this, we can assume that the main story of Starfield will see us gathering these Artifacts so that all three rings will be complete.

Starfield Artifacts appear to float and reorganise into an unknown structure

Where are the Artifacts?

The Artifacts are scattered throughout the Settled Systems. We know you find one on the moon of Kreet, but the other locations remain a mystery for now. The first Artifact the Spacefarer encounters appears to be encased in an anomalous metal node, buried in stone.

A Starfield Artifact buried in stone

Once we learn of more Artifact locations, you can be sure we’ll add them to our guides.

All Starfield Artifact mentions

Here are all the times we’ve heard about Starfield’s Artifacts:

  • An unknown NPC on Kreet lands and greets the player after discovering the first Artifact. “You dug up the Artifact, right? That means you saw it, the visions?”
  • A Constellation member informs us that the Artifact we found “appears to be one of many scattered across the galaxy. If we can find more, we can unlock their secrets.”
  • An unknown NPC possessing an Artifact tells us: “The man who sold me this told me that it “spoke” to him.”

The very first hint alluding to the Artifacts was seen back in the Starfield teaser trailer. As the Spacefarer walks through their ship, the camera zooms in on a document with diagrams of several rings, like those seen in the temple. This document labels particular symbols as “Alpha”, “Beta” and so on. It appears to be a Constellation analysis of the rings, concluding “We have so far been unable to determine what happens in the center.”

A document referring to the Starfield Artifacts was first spotted in the official teaser trailer.

What the symbols mean is a mystery, but could hint at a hidden language or purpose to the Artifacts, and the anomalous temple.

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