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Starfield Artifacts

Starfield Artifacts sit at the very center of Starfield's story, driving not only the player and Constellation forward, but also alien beings.

Starfield Artifacts

During the Starfield opening, you’ll come into contact with your first Starfield Artifact. This Artifact grants you a vision of mysterious intent. Bright lights. Music. The origin of the Artifacts remains elusive, with only hints from the Starborn that a being called The Creator was responsible for the creation of the Artifacts. Whether The Creator is human or alien is unknown, but the Artifacts The Creator left behind have influenced humanity’s journey into the stars beyond measure.

As you gather more Artifacts, the visions they grant will become clearer, and you’ll eventually unlock the path to Starfield powers.

Finding the Artifacts isn’t too difficult as they are attached to the Starfield main missions, but their locations can vary from player to player, as you’ll discover when you reach the Starfield New Game Plus.

What are Starfield Artifacts?

The Starfield Artifacts are pieces of the Armillary. Artifacts seem alien in origin, and not even the faction hunting for Artifacts – the Starborn – know who or what created the Artifacts with any real certainty. However, the power the Artifacts possess, and their ability to reach The Unity are so sought after that the Starborn are willing to kill indiscriminately to get them.

Constellation, the first faction the player will join in Starfield, is particularly interested in gathering these Artifacts. However, Constellation was not the first Starfield faction to discover an Artifact in the Starfield timeline. Dr. Victor Aiza of NASA discovered the first known Artifact, whereupon he encountered the first known Starborn NPC. Aiza’s discovery of the Artifact led to the creation of the Grav Drive, and the devastation of the Earth.

Starfield Artifacts may look like this object once gathered in one place

As you collect Artifacts and assemble them at The Lodge or in the Armillary, the Artifacts will gradually form three rings which spin around a central point. Once you’ve collected all of the Artifacts, you will be able to travel to The Unity as part of the One Giant Leap mission.

Where are the Artifacts?

The Artifacts are scattered throughout the Settled Systems. Some are in specific locations as part of Starfield main missions, but others are randomly placed. The first is found in the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost during the One Small Step quest. Most Artifacts are encased in Ct – Caelumite which you’ll need to mine with your Cutter before you can extract the Artifact.

A Starfield Artifact buried in stone

Starfield Artifact list

Here are all the Starfield Artifacts:

Placeholder image for Artifact Alpha
Placeholder image for Artifact Beta
Placeholder image for Artifact Chi
Placeholder image for Artifact Eta
Placeholder image for Artifact Iota
Placeholder image for Artifact Lamda
Placeholder image for Artifact Mu
Placeholder image for Artifact Nu
Placeholder image for Artifact Omicron
Placeholder image for Artifact Phi
Placeholder image for Artifact Psi
Placeholder image for Artifact Tau
Placeholder image for Artifact Theta
Placeholder image for Artifact Zeta

A document referring to the Starfield Artifacts was first spotted in the official teaser trailer.

What meaning the symbols hold on the Artifact temples and individual pieces themselves are a mystery, but the symbols could hint at a hidden language or purpose to the Artifacts beyond reaching The Unity.

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