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‘Where’s the jetpack sex we were promised?’ asks Starfield Reddit

Redditors want to know what happened to the Starfield jetpack sex teased by the game's ESRB rating, and are having a great time in the process.

‘Where’s the jetpack sex we were promised?’ asks Starfield Reddit

Sex exists in Starfield, but not in the way some Starfield Reddit users were hoping for. Back in 2023, the ESRB announced their Starfield rating, which hinted at the possibility of jetpack sex because of one simple bit of dialog:

“I’m all for getting a little wild, but next time let’s try it without the jetpacks.”

A recent Reddit post by Rev-DiabloCrowley revisited this hint, and asked the important question. Very quickly, the topic became a ‘hot’ discussion point filled with predictable but no less spot-on humor.

Top of the list was Redditor Total_Scott’s comment: “The question is, is it sex while using a jetpack or sex with the jetpack…”

To which Redditor RefanRes retorted: “Those booster holes on those jetpacks are pretty hot.”

Many other great and terrible jokes were made on the Reddit post, but a few Redditors instead wondered where the original line of dialog comes from.

If you ever dip your toes into the four Starfield romance options, you’ll eventually develop a deeper relationship with Sarah Morgan. Upon sleeping with her, there is a chance that you will wake up to the line of dialog which kickstarted this whole conversation.

However, as for where the jetpack sex can be found, the answer is nowhere. Despite being rated as a Mature game (17+) Starfield’s approach to sex is a simple fade to black. Starfield isn’t as detailed as Baldur’s Gate 3 is when it comes to steamy scenes, and so the mere mention of jetpack sex is as far as Starfield’s racy content will ever get (before someone dives into an adult Starfield mod, that is).

So, unfortunately for OP Redditor Rev-DiabloCrowley and the rest of the community, there’s no jetpack sex to be found, not unless Bethesda releases a REALLY strange Starfield update in the coming weeks.

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