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Sarah Morgan

Head of the Constellation faction, Sarah Morgan is a dependable leader and explorer.

Sarah Morgan
Summary The man responsible for the creation of the Grav Drive.
Location NASA Launch Facility
Companion No
Romanceable No
Crew Member No

Sarah Morgan overview

Starfield’s Sarah Morgan is one of several Starfield NPCs you can encounter during your exploration of the Settled Systems. Sarah Morgan is affiliated with Constellation.

Sarah Morgan is the leader of the Constellation faction. An ex-soldier and adventurer, Sarah’s primary interest is in finding the Artifacts scattered throughout the Settled Systems.

How to romance Sarah Morgan

Sarah is arguably the earliest Starfield companion you can romance, as she is also the first companion to join you for the main quest. You can gain Sarah as a companion by starting The Old Neighborhood mission, which will immediately take you to the MAST building to speak with John Tuala.

First things first: Sarah is an explorer with a kind and charitable heart, but wise enough to recognize when an NPC is taking advantage of a situation. Thus, to romance Sarah you should offer to help as many people as possible without taking advantage of another’s misfortune, or allowing yourself to get conned.

A really fast way to raise her affinity is to take her along with you as you complete the United Colonies questline. Not only does this provide you plenty of opportunities to embody a noble figure, but Sarah will be very impressed by your high scores during the Supra Et Ultra flight simulator, and similarly once you gain United Colonies citizenship.

Once your affinity is high enough, you will unlock [Flirt] dialog options. Sarah will be quite flustered by your initial flirtations, but persistence will eventually lead to the In Memoriam mission. Complete the quest, and you will unlock the commitment romance options for Sarah. Should you select the subsequent commitment option, you will begin the quest: Commitment: Sarah which will allow you to marry her.

Sarah Morgan skills

By recruiting Sarah Morgan as a member of your Starfield crew or as a Starfield companion, you can benefit from their inherent skills. These skills can enhance everything from your weapons, your ships, and even your outposts, so choose carefully which NPCs you add to your crew.

Sarah Morgan provides the following skills:

Sarah Morgan locations

You can find Sarah Morgan in one of the following locations: