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Starfield ship manufacturers

There are a ton of Starfield ship manufacturers creating everything from habs and landers to engine modules for your perfect ship.

Starfield ship manufacturers

The Settled Systems and beyond is full of Starfield ship manufacturers creating and selling spaceship parts for you to improve your method of interstellar transport. From Stroud Eklund, headed by the enigmatic Walter Stroud, to the HopeTech of HopeTown, there are plenty of options for individual brands to spice up your space-faring craft for grav jumps and dogfighting. So, we’ve gone out into the depths to find all the ship manufacturers, and which can offer the best parts for building your very own rocket ship.

Once you’ve got your head around all the Starfield ship manufacturers, be sure to take a look at our ships hub, including more details on the necessary components to put together some elaborate ship designs. Then, get exploring with the help of our Starfield map hub, including interactive versions of the Akila City Map, Cydonia map, New Atlantis Map, and more.

Unique Starfield ship manufacturers

While certain Starfield ship manufacturers stock the same parts in all spaceports, some of them offer unique parts at specific locations. This does mean a bit of work getting around the galaxy to track them all down, but once you’ve made it once, you can easily fast-travel back to these areas to do business again.


If you want some special ship parts made by one of the most trusted manufacturers in the wider Settled Systems, the Deimos Staryard is a great place to start. You can pick up unique components here, with Deimos’ reputation as a defensively sound parts retailer.


Taiyo is well known throughout multiple systems for its top-of-the-line cockpits. At this specialist branch, you can pick up some unique items unavailable at other spaceports.


Given Walter Stroud’s larger-than-life personality, it’s no surprise there are two locations where you can pick up his prestigious ship parts. Each of the locations above offers unique parts, making it worth the trip to Narion or Volli Alpha.

Nova Galactic

  • Location: New Homestead, Titan, Sol system.
  • Technician: New Homestead ship technician

Nova Galactic’s parts are some of the best in the game, including 3×2 habs and cockpits, plus some phenomenal landing gear. Better still, it’s just a short trip from the Deimos Staryard, so you can pick up some killer components without having to grav jump.


HopeTech’s unique items allow you to get a bit more creative with your shipbuilding. There are cockpits you can place underneath other parts, countless hab options, and some interesting landing gear choices. It’s also one of the easiest unique ship manufacturers to find, with the ship technician stood right by the spaceport.

All of the Starfield ship manufacturers

While unique manufacturers offer something a little different, there are plenty of brands that sell ship parts throughout regular spaceports at various locations throughout the game. So, here are all the Starfield ship manufacturers and their specialties:

  • Stroud Eklund – all-round specialists
  • HopeTech – habs and cockpit specialists
  • Amun Dunn – power reactor specialists
  • Ballistic Solutions Inc. – ballistic weapons specialists
  • Deep Core – cargo and grav drive specialists
  • Sextant Shield Systems – shielded cargo specialists (useful for smuggling)
  • Deimos – all-round specialists
  • Dogstar – reactor and shield specialists
  • Horizon Defense – weaponry specialists
  • Light Scythe – energy weapons specialists
  • Nautilus – shield and fuel storage specialists
  • Panoptes – cargo and engine specialists
  • Nova Galactic – habs, cockpit, and landing gear specialists
  • Protectorate Systems – cargo specialists
  • Reladyne – engine specialists
  • Shinigami – energy weapon specialists
  • Slayton Aerospace – grav drive specialists
  • Taiyo Astroneering – cockpit, habs, and docker specialists
  • Xiang – reactor and engine specialists

Because of the various Starfield ship manufacturers, you’re going to have to mix and match parts from different brands to create the best ship possible. It’s also worth pointing out that specific factions can offer you unique parts, such as the UC Vanguard, but you need to complete specific missions or officially join a group before you get access to them. Either way, there are plenty of options when it comes to ship customization.

Ship modules

There are a wealth of Starfield ship modules, including landers, engines, habs, tanks, weapons, reactors, cockpits, shields, and much, much more. Manufacturers specialize in different areas and different modules, so it’s best to travel to a few spaceports and some of the unique manufacturer locations from above to check out the options for upgrading something like the Razorleaf or Frontier.

Each module can be painted however you like, and different manufacturers can be mixed and matched too. We’ve also got a guide to the different Starfield ship types in the game, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of certain ship models and parts.

Now you know all there is to know about the various Starfield ship manufacturers, you can grav jump and get to putting something exciting together. If you create anything really special, be sure to show us on our Starfield forum. Or, if you’re now trying to put together a resourceful outpost, see our guides to Starfield outposts and Starfield outpost locations to get your crew working.