Starfield multiplayer

Is Starfield multiplayer coming? We know a lot about the Starfield single player campaign, but online multiplayer could be revolutionary

The Starfield release date is fast approaching, and while we’ve already been able to piece together all sorts of details regarding the game’s expansive single player campaign, a vocal contingent of RPG fans are crying out for Starfield multiplayer. While Microsoft and Bethesda have offered no suggestion that Starfield will offer online multiplayer of any kind, some fans and commentators think that a future announcement could be on the cards.

Will Starfield have multiplayer?

Starfield is a single player game, and there is currently nothing to suggest that any kind of Starfield multiplayer will be part of the game. Starfield’s Steam listing clearly marks the game as single player title, with no mention of any multiplayer modes.

Sounds straightforward, right? So why is anyone even talking about Starfield multiplayer at all?

Well, part of the explanation may be that multiplayer experiences tend to be lucrative for game developers (after all, most of us are more likely to spend money on Starfield weapons and cosmetics if they’re able to show them off online). Given the considerable expense attached to Starfield’s development so far, it makes perfect sense that Microsoft and Bethesda would want to recoup some of that investment.

Another reason for the confusion may be that Bethesda has form when it comes to adding multiplayer to its single player franchises. Just look at Fallout 76.

Lastly, there’s probably an element of wish fulfilment at work here. Imagine joining one of the Starfield factions only for your friend to join up with their sworn enemies. Imagine piloting Starfield ships in a space-based convoy with your mates. It’s a powerful idea.

Will Starfield multiplayer enable allow two armed explorers to travel the stars together?

What Starfield coop options will the game support?

So, there’s nothing to suggest that Starfield multiplayer is in development. Could Starfield coop options allow you to play the game’s campaign with friends?

Sadly, Starfield coop is not coming to the game. Based on everything we know at the time of writing, Starfield single player is the only way to play through Bethesda’s spacefaring epic.

Will Starfield multiplayer be added post-launch?

If past form is any indication, we can look forward to a number of Starfield expansions and DLCs in the months (and maybe even years) following its launch. That being the case, it’s surely possible that a Starfield multiplayer mode of some kind could be made available, right?

While it’s not possible to rule this out, there’s no indication that Bethesda are planning to add Starfield multiplayer post-launch. We’ll have our fingers crossed, but we won’t be getting our hopes up.

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