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Vladimir Sall

Perhaps the strangest member of the Constellation faction, Vlad is an ex-pirate turned explorer.

Vladimir Sall
Summary A propulsion specialist who can be found drinking at Jake’s.
Location Jake's, The Well
Companion No
Romanceable No
Crew Member Yes

Piracy once ran through Vlad’s veins, but something made him turn away from a life of crime, and join the Constellation faction. It’s unclear at this point if Vlad has some connection to the Crimson Fleet faction, but his previous life could mean he left.

However, as anyone in the Crimson Fleet knows, no one quits. The only way out is death.

Vlad’s skills

While Vlad’s skills have not been explored officially, it is very likely that Vlad will start with the Weight-Lifting skill thanks to the footage seen during Starfield Direct.

Screenshot of Vlad lifting weights.

Vlad’s location

While most of the Constellation crew begins at their headquarters in Jemison, we’ve seen Vlad in several locations, including a bar reminiscent of Akila City.