The Starfield Constellation faction is the first group you join, and your biggest source of companions.

A faction of explorers and scientists, the Starfield Constellation faction sits at the heart of Starfield’s story, and it is only by advancing the Constellation storyline that you will unlock mysterious Starfield powers, and discover the mystery behind the Artifacts. Constellation is unique to all other Starfield factions as you join this faction by default during the Starfield opening. Constellation is also the only faction to contain Starfield romance options, of which there are four in total.

Constellation background

Constellation was originally founded by Sebastian Banks in 2275 AD. Once an illustrious group of explorers, Constellation declined to the point it was considered to be a legend by many in the Settled Systems as of 2330 AD. However, Constellation has never stopped exploring, even discovering an Artifact in 2310 AD. Unfortunately, no one knew that Artifact Alpha held any significance, and so the alien mystery remained dormant until Barrett rediscovered the Artifact in 2326 AD. Sarah Morgan became the acting chair of Constellation one year prior to Barrett’s rediscovery of the Artifact.

Following Constellation’s investigation into Artifact Alpha, and discovering a second Artifact, Barrett successfully convinced Constellation to purchase Constellation Space Station LO-868, which the faction transformed into a deep-space scanner they nicknamed “The Eye.”

As of 2330 AD, the beginning of Starfield’s story, Constellation uses their refashioned space station to detect anomalous gravity readings. Discovering a reading on Vectera, Constellation hires Argos Extractors to investigate, whereupon you, the player, enter the story.

How to join Constellation

Upon starting Starfield, you will find yourself in the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost as part of the One Small Step mission. Proceed through the tutorial, and collect the first Artifact – Artifact Eta. You’ll soon find yourself at the Starfield character creator screen, whereupon you will be directed outside of the mining outpost.

Constellation’s Barrett will fly in on the Frontier with Vasco in tow. He will invite you to join Constellation, and give you a Starfield watch after you’ve fought off some pirates.

From there, complete the tutorial in space and on Kreet, and make your way directly to New Atlantis. Journey to The Lodge and introduce yourself to Sarah Morgan.

Congratulations! You are now officially a member of Constellation, and can begin The Old Neighborhood quest.

Constellation quests

The Constellation faction provides a number of unique Starfield faction quests with unique rewards and objectives.

Here are all the known Constellation faction missions:

Starfield Constellation Locations

Thus far, we have only seen Constellation based at the lush capital of New Atlantis on the planet Jemison, and on the Constellation Space Station LO-868 in orbit of the planet. Constellation’s reach doesn’t expand much beyond Alpha Centauri system owing to their status as explorers.

Constellation locations

The Constellation faction has a presence in the following systems:

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