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Starfield Olivas is a Starfield Planet in the Alpha Centauri system, which you can visit when flying your spaceship.

Body Type Planet
System Volii
Surface Type Rock
Temperatures Temperate
Magnetosphere Average
Fauna Moderate - 2
Flora Moderate - 2
Water Safe
Resources Benzene, Water

The largest planet by far in the Alpha Centauri system, Olivas is home to five of the eight moons in the solar system. It is not known if you can visit Olivas due to its lack of surface, or if its gaseous nature will provide unique resource harvesting opportunities.

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Olivas trivia:

Olivas was first spotted during the Starfield gameplay trailer in 2022 behind the more detailed view of Chawla.

The planet Olivas is named after the American engineer and NASA Astronaut John D. Olivas, who took his first journey to the International Space Station in 2007.