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Starfield trailers

If you're still debating picking up Bethesda's latest RPG, be sure to check out these Starfield trailers to make up your mind.

Starfield trailers

With Starfield finally available to play, we’ve brought together all the Starfield trailers in one place so you can decide whether or not it’s the spacefaring expedition for you. Of course, we know now much more about the game than we did when the trailers first arrived, like who Sarah Morgan is, how digipicking works, and what sort of Weapons you can equip yourself with, but it’s still worth checking out the footage if you’re undecided on making the leap into the Settled Systems.

You can find all the pre-launch Starfield footage just below.

If these Starfield trailers have you excited, consider securing your copy of Starfield via the Xbox Game Pass, or see our Starfield Steam Deck guide to see if the handheld console is up to the job.

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Starfield Direct trailer

Below is the titanic deep-dive Starfield fans were calling for in advance of the release date – Starfield Direct. For the full highlights from the showcase, be sure to read out Starfield Direct showcase breakdown. Of course, now the game is out, we have a better idea of some of the more advanced mechanics relating to ships and outposts, but it’s still a good introduction to the game.

During the Xbox Games Showcase, Bethesda released a surprise bonus trailer ahead of the Starfield Direct event. This trailer showed us more footage of alien worlds, anti-gravity areas, and a few NPCs and enemies.

Starfield release date trailer

Given the epic scale promised by Bethesda, it seemed only appropriate to unveil the official Starfield release date with a flashy trailer. As well as confirming that all-important release timing, the launch date trailer also features commentary from game director Todd Howard.

Starfield gameplay trailer

The launch announcement gave us a few teasing details of Starfield intrigue, but we know that most of you are looking for a Starfield gameplay trailer. Bethesda didn’t disappoint, offering a 15-minute preview of the gameplay in the clip below.

The gameplay trailer gave us a better idea about what sort of Starfield weapons are available in-game, as well as resources, a scanning mechanic, a lockpicking replacement, and an exciting jetpack! We also see more of the local wildlife on the moon, Kreet, with gross beasties skirting along the floor before encountering a host of crab-like creatures.

But that’s not all we encounter. Pirates have occupied the research base on Kreet, and a gunfight ensues. For those of us wishing to play the bad guys, those pirates are members of the Crimson Fleet, a crew we now know better after assisting them in some intergalactic crime.

Starfield interview footage

In March 2022, Bethesda’s lead designers gathered around a coffee table and discussed the fundamentals behind Starfield and what direction they’ve taken. It might not be an official trailer per se, but it certainly provides a lot of details. In particular, Will Shen, Lead Quest Designer, offers a few behind-the-scenes details about the numerous Starfield factions, with Todd Howard confirming the ability to join any and all groups. Now the game is out, we’ve tested his claim by signing up for the Crimson Fleet, Freestar Collective, and even House Va’ruun. We’re not having a great time praising the Great Serpent, but at least we know Howard wasn’t telling fibs.

Starfield story trailer

The gameplay footage from the 2022 Xbox and Bethesda Showcase was exciting and showed us what to expect from an average session, but it wasn’t the first time we’ve been teased with story elements. While not an official Starfield story trailer, the behind-the-scenes interview introduces some of the concepts in Bethesda’s epic action RPG title. With insights into the Starfield map and Starfield missions, it might be only a short clip, but it’s worth watching for the hype alone.

Starfield teaser trailer

Reaching all the way back to 2021, Starfield was announced with an official teaser trailer. From then until the release, Bethesda has drip-fed details and content leading up to the eventual Starfield release date, in interviews and screenshots. The original trailer below dropped in June 2021 as the official teaser clip from Bethesda, showcasing some incredible cinematics and hinting at the core narrative behind your space-faring experience.

As you would expect from a teaser trailer, it was hard to glean much from the mix of cinematic and gameplay footage at the time. Since then we’ve learned a great deal, including the robot’s name (Vasco) – one of the many companions you can take with you. We’ve seen what Starfield ship customization looks like and just who the teased faction Constellation are and what they want. Unfortunately, Starfield’s release announcement did not go as planned for November 2022 and was pushed back several times. Now it’s in our hands, though, it doesn’t feel like such a big deal.

With Starfield now out on Xbox and Steam, it’s up to you how you want to play – that is, provided you’re not waiting around for a Starfield PS5 port. Or, if you want to enhance the game beyond its usual means, check out our Starfield mods guide while you’re here.