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Zero-G Gimbal

Where to find the Starfield Zero-G Gimbal resource, all Zero-G Gimbal locations, and the best ways to use Zero-G Gimbal.

Zero-G Gimbal
Rarity Exotic
Resource Type Inorganic
Item Code 00005569

Zero-G Gimbal overview

Starfield Zero-G Gimbal is a Starfield resource which can be used in a number of crafting recipes. Zero-G Gimbal is classed as Manufactured. The rarity of the resource determines how difficult it is to find Zero-G Gimbal, and also affects the overall credit value of the resource when you are looking to buy or sell stockpiles of Zero-G Gimbal.

Resources like Zero-G Gimbal can be found in a number of locations and planets throughout Starfield. However, the fastest method to gather resources is to bulk purchase them from a Starfield resource vendor like Midtown Minerals or the Mining League.

Generally speaking, Manufactured resources like Zero-G Gimbal are quite expensive to purchase from NPCs. Fortunately, you can craft additional Zero-G Gimbal at an Industrial Workstation, or by using a Fabricator building at one of your outposts.

Zero-G Gimbal crafting recipe:

SkillSkill Rank
Special Projects2