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Starfield mod makes ship boarding 89 percent less tedious

An overabundance of menus are among the many things holding Starfield back, particularly when it comes to boarding and stealing spaceships.

Starfield mod makes ship boarding 89 percent less tedious

If you’ve ever pursued the career of a space pirate in Starfield, you’ll have quickly discovered that boarding Starfield ships and taking them over is not the most profitable or straightforward venture. Starfield mods have been plugging a lot of holes in the Starfield experience, and the latest mod offering tackles one of the biggest speed bumps in ship boarding: tedious menus.

For just about anything you want to do in Starfield, you’ll need to pause the action and open a menu or deal with a dialog box that brings Starfield to a grinding halt. Nowhere is this more prevalent, in my opinion, than in ship boarding.

In the vanilla game, you first need to deal enough damage to a ship’s engines before you can board it. Deal too much damage, and you’ll accidentally blow up your mark. If you succeed in disabling a ship’s engines, you can then board it and deal with the crew. With everyone aboard subdued, you can finally sit down in the pilot’s seat and claim the ship for your own. At this point, the menu trap has been sprung.

A window will pop-up and pause the game, asking if you want to capture the ship and turn it into your “home ship.” If you choose “no”, you don’t get to keep your hard-won trophy. If you choose “yes”, your old and likely good spaceship flies off, leaving you stranded aboard a ship whose engines you disabled several minutes ago.

For whatever reason, you can’t simply add a captured ship to your fleet and sell the stolen prize later. Nope, you now need to open your menu, find a planet with a ship services technician, travel there, open the menu to select your landing point, land the ship, exit the ship, speak to the technician, register the stolen ship (because you can’t just sell a ship without spending credits equal to about 90% of its original value), and then switch back to your original spaceship. Finally, you can sell the stolen ship.

This is way too many menus, and why I recommend installing the “Sit to Add Ship to Fleet” Starfield mod by wSkeever. This mod eliminates the long process outlined above and simply lets you add a captured ship to your fleet without changing your home ship. It’s incredible what a small, simple change makes to the base game, which is why we’ve added it to our best Starfield mods page alongside the “Ships Value Increased for Sell” mod by TomasiniAndres, and a number of other ship mods that overhaul and improve the game.

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