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The 10 best Starfield ship designs

We found the best custom and fan-made Starfield ship designs, including science fiction icons like the Millennium Falcon and the Enterprise.

The 10 best Starfield ship designs

We’re on the lookout for the best custom and fan-made Starfield ship designs, with the community pulling together to share builds for iconic spaceships like the Millennium Falcon, Halo’s Pelican, and more. So, we’ve gathered together all the most impressive designs we’ve seen so far, making it easier for you to copy their notes and turn the Frontier into your own custom Starfield ship.

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So, let’s blast off into our list of the best custom and fan-made Starfield ship designs.

A screenshot of the YF-X Experimental Starfield ship design created by redditor ballisticshark.

The YF-X Experimental – Original

While technically an unnamed ship, this brilliantly colored design by redditor ballisticshark showcases just how incredible your ship paintjob can be if you sink enough time into it. This original design reportedly took three hours just to shade the upper lip properly, so you can imagine just how long it took to build and paint the entire thing.

Best Starfield ship designs entry of Reddit user Beanforslife's Enterprise

The Enterprise – Star Trek

Few spaceships are as easy to identify as the Enterprise, but that doesn’t mean space pirates are always going to leave you be if you recreate this design in-game. While this design can’t quite recreate the size and scale of the classic science fiction ship within the Starfield ship size limitation of 40m, it’s surely deserving of a place on our list of the best Starfield ship designs for any Trekkies looking for something familiar.

Screenshot of the Millenium Falcon Starfield ship design created by redditor ImaginationFlat3371.

Millennium Falcon – Star Wars

If you can’t master Starfield character creation well enough to create Han Solo, you can still play-pretend as the iconic space renegade by putting together your own version of the Millennium Falcon. Better still, one YouTube tutorial shows how you can create the Millennium Falcon from the frame of the Frontier, your starting ship, so you don’t have to wait until the end game to recreate Chewbacca’s favorite mode of transport.

Best Starfield ship designs entry of an X-Wing copy flying in space

X-Wing – Star Wars

While there might be too many Starfield factions to make the game recreate the binary good versus bad dynamic of Star Wars, you can feel like a rebel by creating and piloting your very own X-Wing. It’s also one of the more agile Starfield ship designs you can come up with, offering some lightweight handling when engaging in a dogfight just outside of Akila.

Best Starfield ship designs entry of the Normandy from Mass Effect

Normandy SR-2 – Mass Effect

If the expanse of the countless Starfield planets has you reminiscing about life in other massive space RPGs, you can pretend you’re playing Mass Effect instead by putting together this version of the Normandy. It’s not quite as massive as the version from the original game, but it does make you feel more like a member of Shephard’s crew than Constellation’s latest operative.

Best Starfield ship designs entry of the Pelican grounded on a planet

Pelican – Halo

From one famous science-fiction gaming ship to another, you can recreate your trips through space with Master Chief by putting something that looks awfully similar to the Pelican together in Starfield. Unfortunately, there’s no way to further the Halo fun by creating your own Warthog, with no Starfield vehicles outside of ships available yet. Still, flying the Pelican through to Porrima is plenty exciting enough for now.

Screenshot of the Planet Express ship design created by Redditor RoseWoman2020.

Planet Express Ship – Futurama

As Redditor RoseWoman2020 puts it: “Good news, everyone!” because RoseWoman2020 has recreated the iconic Planet Express ship from Futurama in Starfield, expanding on the design by RADiCALRUX. Unfortunately, there’s no solid way of making a ship round enough to full emulate the Futurama vessel, but this has to be the closest representation we’ve thus far seen.

Screenshot of the custom Starfield ship with a Star Wars-inspired Y-Wing design, created by Redditor cardinal151515.

Y-Wing – Star Wars

Some starship designs bear such a striking resemblance to their source material that they deserve a special level of praise. This Star Wars-inspire Starfield Y-Wing by redditor cardinal151515 makes full use of the structural Starfield ship components to make an excellent recreation of the iconic Rebel Alliance starship.

Screenshot of the original Starfield ship design - the Blockade Breaker - by redditor Toland_the_Mad.

The Blockade Breaker – Original

Not every ship needs to emulate a popular ship to be an incredible design! This original creation by redditor Toland_the_Mad looks about ready to tear apart anything that gets in its way. Though the Blockade Breaker is an original design, it looks like a sleeker-version of the Star Wars Old Republic Hammerhead-class cruiser.

Screenshot of the hot dog-inspired Starfield ship by Redditor HugePinball.

Wienershuttle – Oscar Mayer hot dogs

Yes, there’s a ship in the shape of a hot dog, and it absolutely shreds asteroids and Ecliptic Mercenaries. While not a conventional design by any means, the Wienershuttle by HugePinball definitely puts a smile on our faces, and no doubt a very confused frown on the faces of any pirate the space hot dog stumbles across.

We’ll continue to add to our list of the best Starfield ship designs as we spot them out in the expanse of space, but that’s all for now. While you’re here, see what changes you can make to your playthrough with our pages dedicated to Starfield mods and console commands. Or, if you’re struggling to find your way around some of the prime landing locations, check out our interactive New Atlantis Map and Akila City Map.