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All of the Starfield Responder ship stats, and where you can find it.

Class A
Hull 430
Shield 340
Jump 15
Reactor 16
Cargo Capacity 410
Cost 65300
Mass 444

Responder overview

The Starfield Responder is a Class A Starfield ship with a starting mass of 444, and a credit value of 65300. Once you have the Responder ship in your possession, you can upgrade and customize it with Starfield ship components at numerous spaceyards and ship vendors for a fee.

Responder stats

A ship’s hull determines how much damage it can take before it is destroyed. The Responder has a hull of 430, and can be viewed as a white bar in the bottom-right corner of your screen when flying your ship in space.

You can use Ship Parts to repair your hull inside and outside of combat, but you may want to install a better shield generator to give yourself additional breathing space.

The Responder has the following stats:

Ship class: A

Reactor power: 16

Crew capacity: 3

Gravity jump distance:  15 LY

Shield: 340

Laser weapon strength: This ship does not come with laser weapons.

Ballistic weapon strength: This ship does not come with ballistic weapons.

Missile weapon strength: This ship does not come with missile weapons.

Particle beam weapon strength: 12

Electromagnetic weapon strength: 36

One of the most important ship stats you’ll want to keep an eye on is the cargo capacity. The larger a ship’s cargo capacity, the more you can store aboard it. This is critical for building outpost components, completing Starfield research projects, and crafting weapon mods and armor mods.

The Responder already comes with a cargo capacity of 410. However, you can expand on this by installing additional ship components.

You can find the Responder at the following locations:

Starfield Responder ship ID

If you want to get the Responder for free and without hunting it down, your best bet is to use a Starfield console command to spawn the ship you nearby.

To get the Responder for free, open the console command window and input the following command:

player.placeatme 003A2E6B

This will spawn the ship nearby. However, because of the size of most Starfield ships, there is a strong likelihood this will spawn the entrance to the ship beneath terrain. As a result, use the tcl command to turn clipping off, and allow yourself to fly to the ship’s entrance. If you open the door from the inside, you’ll be able to board and commandeer the newly spawned Responder. If the door is locked, use the unlock command on the door to bypass the lock.