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The Starfield Astrophysics skill grants a bonus to scanning planets and moons, potentially revealing hidden planet traits.

Skill Categories Science
Tier 3
Item Code 0027CBBB

Starfield Astrophysics skill overview

The Starfield Astrophysics skill is a tier 3 skill in the Science skill tree. It, as with all Starfield skills, has 4 ranks, beginning at rank 1 and ending at rank 4. In order to progress up the Astrophysics skill tree, you will need to complete various skill challenges related to the skill in question, and increase your Starfield level to earn skill points. Each rank requires a skill point to unlock.

The Astrophysics skill lets you scan planets and moons, with the likelihood of discovering a trait increasing the more you rank up this skill.

This skill will be for you if you often find yourself exploring new systems with the desire to learn more about the planets and moons.

In-game Astrophysics skill description

A ship’s scanner receives vast amounts of data, but it takes a trained mind to efficiently analyze it all.

The Astrophysics skill has the following ranks and stats:

RankRank ImageRank EffectRank Challenge
1You can scan the moons of your current planet. You have a 10% chance to discover a trait when scanning.Scan 10 unique planets or moons.
2You can scan any planet or moon in this system. You have a 20% chance to discover a trait when scanning.Scan 25 unique planets or moons.
3You can scan any planet or moon within 15 Light Years. You have a 30% chance to discover a trait when scanning.Scan 50 unique planets or moons.
4You can scan any planet or moon within 30 Light Years. You have a 50% chance to discover a trait when scanning.You have mastered this skill.

How to unlock Astrophysics console command

If you want to add the Astrophysics Starfield skill to your character without increasing your Starfield level or expending a skill point, simply open the Starfield console command window with the apostrophe (‘) or tilde (~) key and enter the following command:

player.addperk 0027CBBB

By repeating the player.addperk 0027CBBB command, you can bypass the Astrophysics rank-up challenge and unlock the next rank. Entering the above command four times will unlock the rank 4 Astrophysics skill.

To remove the Astrophysics skill, you can use the following command:

player.removeperk 0027CBBB