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Boost Assault Training

Boost Assault Training
Skill Categories Tech
Tier 4
Item Code 0008C3EE

Starfield Boost Assault Training skill overview

The Starfield Boost Assault Training skill is a tier 4 skill in the Tech skill tree. It, as with all Starfield skills, has 4 ranks, beginning at rank 1 and ending at rank 4. In order to progress up the Boost Assault Training skill tree, you will need to complete various skill challenges related to the skill in question, and increase your Starfield level to earn skill points. Each rank requires a skill point to unlock.

Boost Assault Training allows you to deal damage to enemies and potentially ignite them when you use your boost pack in their vicinity. Upon mastering this skill you will be able to hover in place while aiming which will slow time.

This skill would prove useful for a highly mobile playstyle as it allows you to deal damage as you evade attacks.

In-game Boost Assault Training skill description

Combat training with boost packs allows for more shock and awe tactics.

The Boost Assault Training skill has the following ranks and stats:

RankRank ImageRank EffectRank Challenge
1Nearby enemies take damage when you boost and have a chance to catch on fire.Deal 200 damage to enemies using the boost pack.
2Chance to knockdown nearby enemies when you boost.Knockdown 20 enemies with a boost.
3Aiming down sights while boosting will let you hover in place. Fuel is still expended until empty.Deal 500 damage to enemies using the boost pack.
4While hovering, time slows down and the world moves 70% slower around you.You have mastered this skill.

How to unlock Boost Assault Training console command

If you want to add the Boost Assault Training Starfield skill to your character without increasing your Starfield level or expending a skill point, simply open the Starfield console command window with the apostrophe (‘) or tilde (~) key and enter the following command:

player.addperk 0008C3EE

By repeating the player.addperk 0008C3EE command, you can bypass the Boost Assault Training rank-up challenge and unlock the next rank. Entering the above command four times will unlock the rank 4 Boost Assault Training skill.

To remove the Boost Assault Training skill, you can use the following command:

player.removeperk 0008C3EE