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Youtuber uses over 100 Starfield Star Wars mods to embrace the force

We’ve seen some impressive Starfield Star Wars mods recently, but bringing them all together completely changes the game.

Youtuber uses over 100 Starfield Star Wars mods to embrace the force
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Almost as soon as Bethesda’s epic spacefaring game launched last year, we started seeing Starfield Star Wars mods pop up all over the internet. Now, one user has installed more than 100, turning Starfield into the unofficial Star Wars: Bounty Hunter sequel so many of us have longed for.

The YouTuber in question is DeityVengy, whose “I Turned Starfield Into the Ultimate Star Wars Game… 100+ Mods” clip already has over 100,000 viewers. It’s a proper showcase for the Starfield mods community, from the Mandalorian Suit the protagonist is wearing as they walk through Neon to the AT-ST enemy NPCs. You can even spot R2D2, everyone’s favorite back-talking robot, complete with its iconic digital scream.

Better still, DeityVengy is looking to employ more Starfield Star Wars mods in the future, referring to the clip as a “work in progress.” That’s music to the ears of those who want a slice of the action themselves, with comments on the YouTube video incredibly enthusiastic about trying out some of these mods themselves in the future.

Comments like “Now this is how you make a game better” and “This looks better than that new Star Wars Outlaws game” go a long way to show how much of an appetite there is for mods taking influence from the universe of Star Wars. In our opinion, the Mandalorian outfit alone looks much better than almost all the Starfield armor on in the original game.

Not only has the original video achieved some significant numbers on YouTube, but it’s also doing the rounds on X now, thanks to a shoutout from Rebs Gaming. That shortened version of the YouTube clip has over 5,000 likes in just two days, with 1,500 X users bookmarking the post for future reference.

It goes without saying that if you want to recreate this experience, you’re going to need a pretty powerful PC. Even if you’re well within the Starfield system requirements, this mod showcase also features some graphical enhancements that might require more processing power, so it might be best just to pick out a few favorites to enhance your Starfield experience.

What do you think of this Starfield Star Wars mods showcase? Be sure to let us know on our Starfield forum. Or, if the latest just has you eagerly anticipating more in-game content, check out all the latest on the next Starfield update.