Starfield skills system shown in more detail than ever before

Starfield Direct has dropped full details on how the skill system and leveling up will work in the upcoming release.

Starfield skills system shown in more detail than ever before

Starfield Direct has delivered a full explanation on how Starfield skills system and leveling up will function in Bethesda’s sprawling RPG. We got more detail than ever before on how the systems work, as well as brand new skills revealed for the first time. 

As part of its deep dive into Starfield skills, Bethesda explained that, by leveling up, you are awarded skill points which you can use to learn skills like Security or Xenosociology. Once you have these skills, you will need to perform specific tasks in order to unlock the next rank, which will also require a skill point.

For example, once you have used a skill point to unlock the Security skill, you will need to pick 5 locks in order to unlock the second rank. Once you’ve unlocked the second rank, you can use a skill point to purchase the upgrade. This demonstration also confirmed how digipicking auto attempts will be earned and stored.

Brand new skills were shown off for the first time, including Intimidation, Xenosociology, and Neurostrikes.

Xenosociology allows you to tame creatures by pacifying them or making them frenzy, flee, or commanding them to do your bidding.

Neurostrikes was a developer favorite, boosting your unarmed damage and allowing the player to launch enemies into the air.

This is just a small snapshot of what we’ve seen during the showcase, so be sure to check out our Starfield skills, backgrounds, and traits guide for all the latest information.

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