Starfield creatures

You'll encounter plenty of Starfield creatures on your voyages across the Settled Systems, so here's a rundown of every critter we've seen.

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Starfield creatures are non-human animals, insectoids, and everything in between that you can encounter when exploring planets. They are not always necessarily hostile as we saw in the gameplay reveal trailer when a player warded off a creature by pausing and aiming a pistol at it. Some creatures may even be recruitable or tamable. Previous Bethesda Game Studios games have let players recruit dogs and summon and befriend beasts, so it would seem odd to open up entire galaxies of aliens and not let us recruit a couple as followers.

So, whether you’re completing hunting missions for some of the Starfield factions, searching for new Starfield companions, or just looking to grind some XP, here are all of the creatures revealed so far and the Starfield locations you’ll find them in.


This alien creature is described as a cross between a wolf and a velociraptor and is the scourge of the city of Akila, the capital of the Freestar Collective faction.

Starfield creatures: a towering, giraffe-like creature standing over the spacefarer


This Stegosaurus-like creature can be found on the planet of Alpha Andraste II. It’s roughly the size of a rhino, has a combat level of 12, and can come with a ‘diseased’ modifier. The Siren appears to roman in packs or herds of about five or six individuals.


Seen in passing during the Starfield release trailer on a developer’s monitor, the Maggotmaw appears to be six to seven-foot tall mound of flesh with scythe appendages and a face no one could love. Appearing with the prefix ‘Hunting’, it’s unclear if there are a range of Maggotmaws out there. However, appearing at Level 75, it’s the toughest critter we’ve seen yet.

The Spacefarer encounters an angry Starfield creature: the Maggotmaw.

Kreet Stalker

This hulking, lobster-like creature is one of the first aliens you find in Starfield. It has a powerful pair of pincers and initially appears to be hostile. After a short standoff with the player it calls to its kin and they all flee the scene.

Unnamed Kreet roach

The very first creature we see in the Starfield gameplay reveal isn’t named but looks similar in size to a Radroach from the Fallout games. It’s notable that this creature doesn’t appear to be hostile at all and runs away from the player.

Metropus Floater

You can find these floating membranes on Lantana III. The Floaters behave like Bloatflys from the Fallout games, have a combat level of 15, and can also come with a ‘diseased’ modifier.

Angler Hexapod

As the name suggests, this six-legged alien crab has a lure protruding from what we think is its head. Our guess is that this creature usually lays dormant underground until something is attracted to its lure. We see it lunging at the player and attacking with its two front legs – it has a combat level of 14 and can be found on Moloch I.

Unnamed giant herbivore

This creature is shown off in the Starfield gameplay trailer, but also appears in a Freestar Collective poster when we see the interior of The Rock. It has heavy armor, a large beak that’s great for breaking down tough, fibrous materials, and walks on four legs.

It is currently unknown whether we can tame any of these creatures and bring them back to our outposts or convert them into pets.

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