Kapteyn’s Star

The Starfield Kapteyn’s Star system is one of 120 star systems that you can visit by using your ship’s grav drive.

Kapteyn’s Star
System Level10

Kapteyn’s Star overview

The Starfield Kapteyn’s Star system is one of 120 Starfield systems within the game’s playable area.

Every star system has an associated player level recommendation. In this case, it is recommended that your Spacefarer is level 10 or higher if you want to visit any of the planets within the Kapteyn’s Star system. You can still visit systems that are a higher level than you, but the enemies you encounter there might deal more damage than you can effectively handle.

Struggling to find the Kapteyn’s Star system? Check out our fully interactive Starfield star map so you know where to look!

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