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This Starfield weapon has a typo etched into its barrel

Emblazoned along the side of a showcase Starfield weapon is one glaring typo that Bethesda might want to patch before launch.

This Starfield weapon has a typo etched into its barrel

Oh dear, a Redditor has spotted one of the first Starfield typos along the side of a Starfield gun, and Bethesda will need to patch it. We always knew that a game as large as Starfield would come with bugs and typos, but we didn’t expect one to be found in Starfield’s prime marketing material.

With over 1000 planets, a vast number of locations, weapons, items, and quests, you’d be forgiven for expecting typos to be buried somewhere in a description or text block here and there. Unfortunately for Bethesda, a typo has been found etched into the barrel of the Starfield Negotiator grenade launcher.

The typo in question? This heavy-duty grenade launcher features a “State of the at Weapon Frame.” Bethesda might want to glue an “r” onto their state of the art barrel, but it’s not as simple as editing text. To fix that little typo, Bethesda will likely need to edit the weapon model itself. While likely not a gargantuan effort to repair the typo, it’s a small thing Bethesda will need to fix. If not, eagle-eyed fans like Redditor Ambitious_Back4748 are sure to create more posts on Reddit, or the first mods from the Starfield modding community are going to be all typo related.

Screenshot of the Starfield typo on the Negotiator weapon.

In response to the discovery, Redditors were quick to joke about Bethesda’s misstep.

As Redditor Outrageous-Stock9795 put it “Thanks for this game breaking info, now I don’t have to stress out over the last 30+ days since Starfield is now unplayable. Worst preorder ever.”

Others like Redditor toyn theorized that it’s not a typo at all but written “in a New York accent.”

“State of the AT” as the Negotiator is, this typo will hopefully be patched out between now and launch. Bethesda have been busy playtesting Starfield for months, so there’s every chance this particular typo has already been caught and corrected.

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