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Haphazard Handgun

Where to find the Starfield Haphazard Handgun, all Haphazard Handgun stats, and where to find it.

Haphazard Handgun
Weapon Types Laser Rifle
Damage 27
Damage Types Energy
Ammo Types 3kV LZR Cartridge
Magazine Capacity 30
Mass 5.25
Value 5227
Item Code 002773C8

Haphazard Handgun overview

The Starfield Haphazard Handgun is a Pistol found in the Settled Systems. Manufactured by an unknown entity, the Haphazard Handgun Starfield weapon has a credit value of an unknown amount, and a mass of an unconfirmed amount.

Where to find Haphazard Handgun

You can find base and upgraded versions of the Haphazard Handgun randomly in a number of containers, as loot from defeated enemies, and in several NPC inventories. Bear in mind, many weapons will not spawn unless you have reached a specific Starfield level. So, if you visit any of the below and can’t find the weapon, check back later once you’re a higher level.

You can purchase or find the Haphazard Handgun in the following Starfield locations:

It is currently unknown where this weapon can be found.