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Xbox Summer Showcase could reignite Starfield’s fanbase, if done right

On June 9, 2024, Bethesda could unveil gameplay footage of upcoming Starfield content alongside plans for all future DLC, and official mod support.

Xbox Summer Showcase could reignite Starfield’s fanbase, if done right

In just a few days, the Xbox June 2024 showcase is set to bring a fresh look at upcoming games and existing titles. With the first major DLC set for release in the fall of 2024, it would be very strange indeed if the upcoming Microsoft event doesn’t feature a mini Starfield showcase. Here’s everything about Starfield we’re expecting to see on June 9, 2024.

The most likely element to be featured at the upcoming showcase will be gameplay footage of the Starfield Shattered Space DLC. Very little of the upcoming DLC has been discussed so far beyond teased footage during the last Starfield update. As the biggest thing to happen to Starfield since its launch, it seems very likely that Bethesda will release a more formal Shattered Space trailer at the upcoming showcase.

Considering how long the Shattered Space DLC has been in development (almost a full year, which is nearly twice as long as your average Bethesda DLC package), Bethesda must have something exciting to show us.

Beyond the first upcoming DLC, Bethesda may well furnish us with more information for a Starfield DLC roadmap, including what DLC lurks beyond Shattered Space.

If not, Bethesda could at least give us more information concerning their upcoming Starfield vehicles, also teased in a recent update, as you can see below.

Bethesda has long promised official Starfield mod support with the release of the Creation Engine 2. Tim Lamb, Lead Creative Producer at Bethesda, mentioned in the last reveal (see above) that the official modding tools are already in the hands of select modders, and that could give Bethesda something to show off at their upcoming event.

The Starfield modding community is not to be underestimated, having already introduced whole new mechanics that Bethesda themselves have adopted. News of official mod support delivered at the June 2024 Xbox showcase could help reinvigorate interest in the game, especially if we get a little taste of what their verified creators have been up to. Let’s just hope that interest isn’t immediately crushed with news of unfairly balanced microtransactions.

Starfield was set to be, in many ways, Bethesda’s flagship project for many years, but a troubled launch has since seen the Starfield player count drop below previous Bethesda titles such as Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. Hopefully, Bethesda will pull out all the stops at this upcoming showcase, and give players a reason to get excited about Starfield again.

In the worst case scenario, Bethesda could announce future plans for a Starfield TV series in the hopes it pulls more players back into Starfield, as has been the phenomenon with Fallout games following the successful Fallout TV series.

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