Starfield vehicles

Starfield vehicles are your key to getting around planets and the wider solar system, so we’ve put together our own travel guide for picking up some interstellar transport.

Starfield vehicles are a speculated method of getting around the Settled System and beyond, providing a new challenge for Bethesda after the lack of transport in previous games. We know that the spaceships of this title are a key feature, but many are wondering if you can expect an equivalent to Halo’s Warthog or a NASA Luna Rover in this adventure into the beyond. So, we’ve researched all the possible methods of transport for this guide, and you can check it out below.

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What Starfield vehicles are there?

Of course, the most important Starfield vehicles are the ships that carry you across the galaxy. Fortunately, we’ve got plenty of guides on that topic, from an introduction to Starfield ships to deeper dives on Starfield ship types, Starfield ship manufacturers, and Starfield ship customisation. Each of those gives you a better idea of how to get a ship, upgrade it, and the best possible parts to use.

Are there Starfield ground vehicles?

Todd Howard confirmed in an interview that there will be no land vehicles at the game’s launch, nor will there be an ability to mount creatures and use them as transportation. Instead, Todd Howard described the Boost Pack as a vehicle of sorts, allowing you to jump over obstacles.

This announcement may come as a disappointment to the eagle-eyed viewers of one particular Starfield trailer which showed tire marks leading away from the Starfield ship’s cargo bay. This evidence was all fans had that Starfield land vehicles might be in the game, except for some old concept art of a Lunar Rover-type vehicle, but Todd Howard has now confirmed that land rovers will not be available.

It’s believed that the reason Bethesda haven’t included vehicles in previous games was due to the technology available at the time, with fast-moving transport leaving the game world struggling to load in time for your arrival. Hopefully, the additions to the Creation Engine 2 will allow a crafty modder out there to create their own Starfield land vehicles, or perhaps we will see a buggy or similar vehicle in an upcoming Starfield DLC.

Are there Starfield air vehicles?

From what we know so far, you can land anywhere on a planet, but there isn’t atmospheric flying. Taking off and landing just to move forwards a few kilometers might be a bit bulky, and not every terrain will be suitable for a land rover. Fortunately, the Starfield Direct showcase demonstrated you can fast travel back to your ship once you’ve landed, but a small jet or hovercraft would make the initial exploration much easier.

Fallout 4 had the whisper of such a system in the form of a Vertibird air transport, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to speculate a similar fast-travel system or aircraft in Starfield at release. What form an air vehicle might take, or if it will even be a feature, is currently unknown.

Starfield water vehicles

We already know that some of the Starfield planets like the one hosting the Starfield city of Neon are largely aquatic. Previous Bethesda titles have included rivers, lakes, and oceans, but they’ve always been left by the wayside compared to their on-land counterparts. Fallout fans in particular know that large bodies of water are fatal to explore without the proper armor or skills, and are usually featureless or contain cut-content. With the scope of Starfield being so huge, it’s not unreasonable to predict that watery worlds will be up for exploration. How you do it is the question, and a boat or submarine might be the answer.

For now, we’ll have to see if the Starfield modding community creates something post launch, or if some Starfield DLC brings us additional vehicles.

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