Starfield vehicles

Starfield vehicles are your key to getting around planets and the wider solar system, so we’ve put together our own travel guide for picking up some interstellar transport.

Starfield vehicles are the only way to get around the Settled System and beyond, providing a new challenge for Bethesda after the lack of transport in previous games. We know that the spaceships of this title are a key feature, but many are wondering if you can expect an equivalent to Halo’s Warthog or a NASA Luna Rover in this adventure into the beyond. So, we’ve researched all the possible methods of transport for this guide, and you can check it out below.

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What Starfield vehicles are there?

Of course, the most important Starfield vehicles are the ships that carry you across the galaxy. Fortunately, we’ve got plenty of guides on that topic, from an introduction to Starfield ships to deeper dives on Starfield ship types, Starfield ship manufacturers, and Starfield ship customisation. Each of those gives you a better idea of how to get a ship, upgrade it, and the best possible parts to use.

Concept art of a Starfield lunar rover for Starfield vehicles guide

Are there Starfield ground vehicles?

While we still don’t have confirmation of Starfield ground vehicles, some eagle-eyed viewers of the most recent Starfield trailer have noticed something interesting. In the gameplay clip, you can see a ship landing and releasing its loading dock, with the track of the dock appearing to show tyre marks. This evidence is all we have to go on, except for some old concept art of a Lunar Rover-type vehicle, but it still provides some optimism for those hoping to chart new moons on their own Starfield land vehicle.

It’s believed that the reason Bethesda haven’t included vehicles in previous games was due to the technology available at the time, with fast-moving transport leaving the game world struggling to load in time for your arrival. Hopefully, the extra time taken to polish Starfield means we can expect some method of moving around a planet quicker than walking, even if the top speeds of any Starfield ground vehicles aren’t that impressive

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