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Your starting Starfield ship is worth 98 salami sandwiches

One hungry Redditor has crunched the math and discovered that it’s a choice between a very large lunch, or an entire spaceship.

Your starting Starfield ship is worth 98 salami sandwiches

To get started on your adventure in Starfield, you’ll need to get your hands on a ship. Fortunately, ships aren’t as expensive as you might think, and there’s a very creative way you can gather enough credits to buy one very quickly: Starfield salami.

The very first ship you acquire is the Frontier, which has a monetary value of 7350 credits. To put that into perspective, one sandwich in Starfield is worth 75 credits, meaning the Frontier is worth 98 salami sandwiches, rounding down.

This discovery was made by Redditor SpenserB91, who quickly crunched the numbers following the meme-able moment in Starfield Direct when Bethesda Producer Jamie Mallory joked about playing a sandwich pirate. Describing how her swashbuckling player character cut a swathe across the galaxy in search of carbohydrate-rich foodstuffs, Mallory’s contribution to the showcase quickly became a fan favourite moment.

However, following SpenserB91’s analysis, Jamie Mallory’s strategy may hold some merit.

98 sandwiches will only get you the starting Starfield ship. In order to afford some of the pricier models seen during the Starfield Direct event, like the heavily-modified Celestial II, you would need 391350 credits, or 5218 sandwiches.

That’s quite a lot, but there are other food items we saw during the Starfield showcase with a much higher credit value. The Patty Melt burgers each cost 295 credits, making the Celestial II worth just 1327 burgers. That might sound like a lot, but with over 1000 planets to explore and even more locations than that, you’re bound to find a few sandwiches and burgers that you can resell.

A lonely Starfield salami sandwich flaoting in space.

On the more serious side, it makes sense that the starting ship is very cheap, and that ships in general are affordable. As Starfield Reddit user chewsonthemove put it, “In a realistic/well thought out economy a ship would be worth so much that a player would only need to pirate one” ship before ruining the in-game economy. They further pointed out that unaffordable ships would cripple players at the start of the game, because losing your starting ship to a passing Crimson Fleet pirate would leave you destitute, and unable to buy anymore sandwiches.

So, maybe it’s just as well that the most basic ship in Starfield is only worth 98 sandwiches, or 25 burgers.