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This Starfield gun has 25 barrels and is powered by deadly magnets

Lead Weapon Artist Dane Olds has revealed his favorite Starfield weapons and some of the ridiculously deadly options they pack.

This Starfield gun has 25 barrels and is powered by deadly magnets

Bethesda has released an interview with its own Lead Weapon Artist, Dane Olds, shedding new light on upcoming weapon designs, and highlighting the deadliest weapons among Starfield’s guns. Among Olds’ favorite weapons are a 25 barrelled railgun, and a revolver that fires white hot bullets.

For all the vast wonder of the Settled Systems, Bethesda certainly knows how to add a little horror into the mix with weapons that would give even the hardiest pirate pause for thought. Among the many weapons Bethesda’s Lead Weapon Artist adores, few sit closer to his heart than the Magpulse rifle, one of 42 weapons in our Starfield weapons database.

“It’s one of our new magnetically driven weapons that features a grid of 25 barrels. Each barrel has its own aiming laser which is incredibly cool.”

25 barrels, and 25 bullets at once will probably reduce just about any Starfield creature or NPC to mush in just a few shots. The brief footage we caught of the Magpulse during the Starfield Direct showcase showed it swallowing health bars in less than a second.

But the Magpulse isn’t Olds’ only favorite, with the Bridger rocket launcher and the Wild-West Razorback revolver earning a mention. “The Razorback is a six-shot revolver that uses exotic 7.5mm White hot rounds that I use when I want to be a space cowboy.”

Screenshot of Bethesda's Lead Weapon Artist Dane Olds.

Olds also went on to explain some of the design philosophy behind many of the weapons that will feature when Starfield launches in Early Access September 2023. “When I’m creating an item for a game, I’m always thinking about the context in which it would be used and who created it,” Olds explained. As such, the Combatech-branded weapons are “optimized for space travel” by reducing the weight and profile of each gun and blade to “fit aboard the cramped confines of a spaceship.”

What Olds’ interview confirms is that Starfield’s weapons are shaping up to be unique, somewhat terrifying, yet incredibly fun to use. Make sure to check out all of the best Starfield weapons in our updated database, which already has 42 weapons cataloged.

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