Starfield cast and voice actors

Starfield is home to many NPCs like the robotic Vasco, but who has been cast as the Starfield voice actors?

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Starfield voice actors will be bringing our future companions, enemies, and romance interests to life, and we only have a few of the cast confirmed.

All the way back in 2021, Todd Howard announced that over 300 actors would be participating, the full cast list hasn’t been announced yet ahead of the September 2023 release date.

But there have been some clues.

Rumored Starfield voice actors

While Bethesda hasn’t officially confirmed the identities of its cast, one actor has popped up in tweets defending Starfield from critics. Stephen Ford, known for his role in Teen Wolf, asked us to like and follow a tweet with a secretive “for reasons I can’t say” tease back in 2022, heavily implying he’s been cast. As to whom or what he is voicing, we don’t yet know.

Keen listeners during the Starfield trailer have theorized that Michael Mack – voice of the male Redguard in Morrowind and Oblivion – may also be making a return as the adventurer, scientist, explorer, and friendly Constellation face, Barrett.

Since then, little else has appeared apart from a Reddit post speculating three actors who may have been cast in Starfield owing to entries on their resumes:

  • Victoria Atkin, known for Fortnite and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate.
  • Stephen Oyoung, a voice actor for Fallout 76.
  • Dimitry Rozental, who some Metro fans may recognise.

We’ve also been interested to IMDb make several claims on its own Starfield cast list:

  • Cyrina Fiallo, as a United Constellation (UC) Security Female01.
  • Ana Carolina Valverde, as Sofia Ruiz / Isabel King.
  • Tiffany Villalobos, as a female mocap (motion capture).
  • Seth Allyn Austin, unknown.
  • Walles Hamonde, unknown.

For now, this is all speculation.

Who has been cast as the Starfield voice actors for these NPCs?

Will Skyrim voice actors feature in Starfield?

Bethesda has numerous voice actors appearing across multiple IPs such as Skyrim and Fallout 4. Wes Johnson, a fan favorite for his role as Emperor Titus Mede II and Sheogorath in Skyrim, as well as the lovable but lethal Protectrons in Fallout 4, could make a return in Starfield.

Similarly, both Paul Ganus and Keith Szarabajka are among Bethesda’s talented voice actor reservoir and could, in theory, pop up in Starfield. However, we likely won’t know anymore until the Starfield showcase in June 2023.

When will Bethesda announce Starfield voice actors?

Todd Howard confirmed over 150,000 lines of dialogue, a number which has since exceeded 200,000 according to an interview with IGN. Perhaps this is a sign that even more voice actors have been cast since.

For now, we can only keep our ears open for further rumors and, once we know more, update you as to which voice actors are behind your favorite Starfield companions and NPCs.

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