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Adoring Fan

The Starfield Adoring Fan just can’t wait to be near you, compliment you, and shower you with gifts, if you can stand him for five minutes.

Adoring Fan
SummaryThe Adoring Fan is an optional NPC available to the player with the Hero Worshipped trait.
LocationNew Atlantis
Crew MemberYes

Starfield’s Adoring Fan is an NPC that some will love, and some will hate. By picking the Hero Worshipped trait, you can get a crew member early on, but that could be more a curse than a blessing. He’s annoying, he’s a bootlicker, but he brings an eccentric flair to any playthrough.

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Players of Oblivion will be very familiar with the Adoring Fan’s role. The Adoring Fan is designed to be an overly praising, and borderline (if not over the line) creepy NPC.

He’s able to join your crew, travel aboard your ship, and fight beside you, but he might feel the need to add in his own commentary throughout.

Fortunately, the Adoring Fan offsets his irritating demeanor by giving you gifts at regular intervals. Let’s just hope those gifts are good enough to save him from being marooned on the most barren world you can find in our updated planets database.

Screenshot of the Starfield Adoring Fan meeting his demise at the hands of Bethesda.

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Adoring Fan skills

The Adoring Fan is a recruitable NPC that can join your Starfield crew, and comes with the following skills:

  • Weight lifting (rank 2) – increases carry weight, allowing you to dump more of your inventory on the talkative pack mule.
  • Scavenging (rank 1) – increases the amount of loot you find in containers and on enemy bodies.
  • Concealment (rank 1) – This particular skill has not been demonstrated officially yet, but other pre-existing skills indicate that the concealment skill could improve your ability to remain hidden when sneaking. Why the Adoring Fan has this skill is… concerning.

Adoring Fan quotes

“By Vectera! By Vectera! By Vectera! Is it really, really you?”

“I can’t believe I get to stand near you, breathing the same air! I’ve got to have every molecule.”

Adoring Fan trivia

The Adoring Fan casting is reprised by returning voice actor Craig Sechler, who voiced the Adoring Fan in The Elder Scrolls Oblivion.

The Adoring Fan’s reputation for being annoying is considered so popular in the Bethesda community that even Bethesda couldn’t resist pointing a gun at him in the Starfield Direct showcase.