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Starfield companions

A full list of Starfield companions and followers you can recruit, romance, or add to your ship and outpost as crew members.

Starfield companions

Starfield companions are named NPCs that can follow you around, provide unique Starfield missions, or join you aboard your ship, or at one of your outposts as a member of your Starfield crew. Companions back you up during combat, help to carry resources and weapons, and can even take over dialog options in specific circumstances.

The four most important companions are all members of Constellation, as they are the only four NPCs you can romance. However, there are plenty of other companions you can find who will join you in exchange for some Credits, or a speech check.

Just remember, you can only have one companion following you around unless you use a Starfield mod to remove that limit. Any additional companions you find can take up residence at one of your outposts or ships until you’re ready to travel with them again.

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All Starfield companion options

While you can find the Constellation companions simply by following the main quest, finding the other companions will require much more exploration unless you use our database below. If you want to find companions organically, you’ll more often than not find at least one named companion at a bar or hotel at one of the major Starfield cities. Otherwise, check our full list of companions in Starfield below.

Every Starfield companion option:

Starfield companion romance

Achieving the highest affinity level with one of four companions not only unlocks romance options, but also provides you with a Starfield marriage option.

While only four Starfield companions are romanceable, with Constellation members Barrett, Sam Coe, Andreja, and Sarah Morgan all possibly becoming more than just friends, Starfield offers a more meaningful relationship than previous Bethesda games.

Unfortunately, one companion we hoped to romance was left on the sidelines: Vasco. Despite Bethesda’s outpouring of love for the loveable robot, you are unable to date Vasco as you might Curie in Fallout 4.

What do companions do?

Putting aside a companion’s contributions in battle (and their habit to dive in front of the aiming reticle of your Starfield weapon), companions can also take the lead in numerous dialog options.

As an example, the well-traveled Sarah Morgan recognizes a bar-owner’s attempt to shake you down for Credits during The Old Neighborhood mission. If you let Sarah take control of the conversation by selecting the “[Sarah]” dialog option, she’ll negotiate you a discount with no effort on your part.

You can also benefit from companions by taking the Empath Starfield trait, which provides a temporary boost upon performing actions that build affinity with your companions.

How do you hire new Starfield companions?

Hiring Starfield companions is incredibly easy, and Starfield main quests will frequently pair you up with them (locking the option into place until you complete the companion’s specific Starfield mission).

In order to recruit a companion, all you need to do is speak with them and ask them to follow you around. Most of the companions can be found at The Lodge upon completing the One Small Step mission. Other companions, like Andreja, require you to progress further in the main quest before you can invite them along for the ride.

You can also find named companions at hotels and bars like The Viewport and Aggie’s. Some will request a number of credits before joining you, but others will join you for free so long as you lend them a sympathetic ear or pass a persuasion check.

Companions can also be found randomly or by completing specific missions. Heller is one such example, as he needs rescuing from his injuries, but will happily call one of your outposts home once he’s recuperated.

One companion you may want to recruit (or not, considering his personality), is the Adoring Fan, but you can only do so if you take the Hero Worshipped Starfield trait.

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