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How to build a Starfield capital ship with just one mod

That's no moon, that's a Starfield capital ship, which you can now build by unlocking M-Class ships with a simple mod.

How to build a Starfield capital ship with just one mod

Initially buried in the game’s code, dataminers discovered the existence of a fourth class of Starfield ships beyond the standard A, B, and C classes. Unfortunately, the code for M-Class ships looked as though it was a feature on the cutting-room floor despite Starfield capital ships being in demand ever since Starfield launched in September. However, thanks to Nexus modder Serge_Dna, the power of a Starfield capital ship is now yours.

In vanilla Starfield, ships are limited to one of three classes: A, B, and C. These classes determine how advanced the ship components can be, with C-Class ships allowing for the most powerful modules. In order to buy, modify, and pilot higher class ships, you need to rank up your Piloting Starfield skill.

Until now, there has been one major caveat to Starfield ship building: your ship cannot exceed 40 meters in any one direction.

However, with the “Shipyard Unlock M-Class Starstation Parts and no size limit” Starfield mod by Serge_Dna you can now not only bypass the 40 meter limit, but access the hidden M-Class ship components.

Screenshot of the fanmade Starfield capital ship, created by Serge_Dna using their M-Class Starfield ship parts mod.

Installing Serge_Dna’s mod is fairly straightforward, but accessing the M-Class ship parts isn’t as simple as visiting the Ship Services – New Atlantis branch. You’ll need to locate a ship vendor, open the Starfield console command window, select the NPC, and then enter the following command:

bat shipyardstarstation

This command will then add all of the M-Class ship components into the selected NPC’s ship modification window, allowing you to turn your miniature Star Destroyer into a true terror of the Settled Systems.

You’ll need to start by upgrading to a C-Class reactor if you don’t already have one, make that ship your home ship, and then switch the C-Class reactor over to an M-Class reactor. From there, you can start attaching M-Class modules.

While a little clunky, finding this feature buried in Starfield’s code could indicate something Bethesda are planning for future Starfield DLC. If not, the community will be able to run wild with it in 2024 once the Creation Kit 2 has been released.

Until then, using this mod, not only will you be able to build and fly your own Starfield capital ships, but you can also use Serge_Dna’s mod to create mobile spacestations.

Screenshot of the Starfield fanmade spacestation, created by Serge_Dna using their M-Class Starfield ship parts mod.

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