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Starfield release date

Starfield's standard edition finally launched September 6, 2023, after multiple delays, with Early Access available from September 1.

Starfield release date

The Starfield release date for the standard edition of the game was September 6, 2023. Anyone who purchased the Starfield Collector’s Edition or the premium Starfield pre orders got to play September 1, 2023, receiving five days of Early Access. You also got some free weapon skins, Starfield DLC access, and the Starfield watch (collector’s edition only).

We all knew Starfield would be one of the biggest gaming releases of the year, and we weren’t wrong. After multiple Starfield delays it was finally released, with a peak of more than 330,000 concurrent players on Steam. But after having such a good release, the average Starfield player count started to drop, reaching to just under 50,000 average players in October 2023. Now in 2024, Starfield is averaging around just 6,000 concurrent players on Steam.

When was the Starfield release date?

Starfield was released on September 6, 2023, becoming playable across PC and Xbox. 

Starfield was first announced way back in 2018, and years of anticipation followed before Bethesda finally revealed a release date for the game. Unfortunately, multiple Starfield delays followed. Bethesda finally revealed the final Starfield release date on March 8, 2023 with a trailer that showcased new gameplay presented by game director Todd Howard himself.

When was the Starfield release date for Xbox Game Pass?

Starfield has been playable with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass since September 6, 2023. This means that Game Pass subscribers have been able to play the game since day one, in keeping with Microsoft’s promise to add all major first party to the subscription service on their day of release.

That makes Game Pass a bargain if you’re looking to play through Starfield’s campaign. Check our dedicated Starfield Game Pass deals page to check the best prices for a subscription right now.

Starfield release date trailer

Bethesda broke the launch date announcement for PC and Xbox with the Starfield release date trailer. The news showed new Starfield gameplay and featured a statement from game director Todd Howard. Excitingly, the trailer also offered a host of tantalizing new hints regarding the Starfield story.

“This June, we’re going to bring you into the studio and give you a deep dive on the game at our Starfield Direct,” Howard explained, referring to the next Starfield showcase. “Look, we know you’ve waited a long time to play something new from us. Believe it or not, we’re kind of the same – we miss it,” Howard said. “And we really just can’t wait for you all to play it.”

With Starfield officially released, now is the best time to check out our guides on Starfield factions, weapons, traits, and our fully updated databases and Starfield maps.

Though it’s no longer available directly from Bethesda following the launch of Starfield, you can still find full details of the Starfield Constellation Edition – the collector’s edition for Starfield – and the much-sought-after Starfield watch it contains, though you can find the Starfield watch case in-game.

Next in line for Starfield are the future Starfield DLC releases which have been announced, though a season pass remains to be seen.