Even more Starfield merch hits stores ahead of Sunday’s showcase

A Constellation branded Starfield journal has appeared for sale on Amazon and is already shipping to excited fans.

A Starfield journal has been made available for purchase on Amazon US, and is already shipping. The journal currently costs $19.99 on Amazon US, and £19.99 on Amazon UK.

“Designed for wanderers, this beautifully crafted journal is inspired by the rich, immersive, and compelling universe of Starfield” says the seller. “Memorialize your most valuable ideas as you embark on an epic journey to answer humanity’s greatest mystery.”

The creator of the journal – Insight Editions – has previously created the official cookbooks for both the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. As a result, it is possible that a Starfield cookbook will be available in the near future to compliment the Starfield journal.

Redditor obamazombiez posted images of their Starfield journal.

The journal features numerous Starfield design choices such as the Constellation logo, and a famous quote used in-game.

An image of a Starfield journal - side view - posted to Reddit.

When asked about the quality, the original poster obamazombiez said “It’s all super high quality.”

An image of a Starfield journal - rear view - posted to Reddit.

Fans responded with enthusiasm, with Redditor FilippoElchapo posting “This will be great to create a real compendium of our travels.”

The journal currently costs $19.99 on Amazon US, and £19.99 on Amazon UK.

The release of a Starfield journal is a welcome relief to many Starfield fans looking to get their hands on Starfield merchandise. Images of a Starfield controller and headset have been posted online ahead of the Starfield Direct showcase on June 11, 2023.

Want to know how to watch the upcoming showcase? Check out our Starfield Direct guide for all the latest information.

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