Starfield Constellation

The Starfield Constellation faction is the first group you join in your voyage across the galaxy. Here's what we know about these explorers.

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Who is the Starfield Constellation faction? It’s ironic that we’re still trying to figure out what this group does considering the one thing we know about them is that they are intrepid space explorers, seeking answers to the biggest questions about life and the universe. Todd Howard has described the group as “NASA meets Indiana Jones meets the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”.

Unlike many of the other Starfield factions, Constellation is joined by default and sits at the heart of the main Starfield missions. When the player joins the faction at their headquarters in New Atlantis, they’ll find Constellation hunting down the last remaining fragments of a spheroid alien artifact. Having found a fragment of the Artifact, the player is invited to join Constellation after experiencing cryptic visions. From there, everything is shrouded in mystery, with only mentions of “The Eye” during the Starfield release date trailer to tease us.

When was Constellation founded?

While there’s no official word on how old Constellation is, there is a pretty big clue hidden away in the Starfield trailer. When the player holds up their Chronomark watch, which has the Constellation logo as its home screen, we can see “EST 2188” etched across the top. If we’re correct, this suggests that Constellation was founded at least 142 years before the main story of the game.

A member of the Starfield Constellation faction

Starfield Constellation members

Constellation appears to be a small group that was perhaps once much larger. Currently, we know its ranks include Barrett, Vasco (who is one of the confirmed Starfield companions), Sarah, and the player, however, we see at least three other NPCs in the gameplay trailer.

Barrett is described as an adventurer, scientist, explorer, and a friendly face. You meet him after discovering your first fragment of the Artifact during Starfield’s opening quest. Sarah appears to be Constellation’s confident leader and describes the faction’s goals, drive, and mission to the player.

Vasco is an early model of an expeditionary robot made by the Lunar Robotics Company, and one of many companions you can take with you. He has since been refurbished to better serve Constellation as a utility bot, though he does retain some combat capabilities.

Constellation Locations

Thus far, we have only seen the lush capital of New Atlantis on the planet Jemison and the Constellation Space Station LO-868 somewhere in orbit. It is unclear how far Constellation’s reach expands beyond the Alpha Centauri system, but we can imagine they will come into conflict with other factions interested in the Artifacts.

How to join Constellation

While you join Constellation by default, Bethesda is also accepting IRL Constellation applicants; you won’t get to explore the mysteries of the universe, but you will get early access to news and interviews about the game. To sign up as a Constellation member, head to the official Starfield website.

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