The Starfield Explosive Weapon legendary mod is a powerful and unique modification which can take your Weapon to even greater heights.

Explosive legendary mod overview

The Starfield Explosive mod is one of 63 Starfield legendary effects within the legendary weapon and legendary armor categories. The Explosive is a legendary modification for your Weapon.

By their very nature, legendary mods spawn randomly on applicable Weapons. This makes finding the specific collection of legendary effects you want quite difficult without grinding for legendary equipment by taking down high-level enemies.

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Explosive legendary mod effect

Any Weapon with the Explosive mod equipped will have the following bonuses:

Randomly switches to explosive rounds.

Explosive legendary mod items

Though finding the Explosive mod on a generic weapon is a matter of luck without a Starfield mod installed, you can find the Explosive reliably on these Starfield Weapons:

Explosive legendary mod location

While the Starfield base game doesn’t allow you to craft the Explosive mod, or unequip it from any Weapons that have it, you can potentially grind the Starfield loot tables to get it on the Weapon you want.

In the case of weapons, the easiest method is to use our Starfield legendary weapons farm exploit.

For armor, refreshing vendor inventories by waiting several in-game days seems the best way to cycle through the available options, though unfortunately this is a much slower method. Should a Starfield mod or exploit be discovered, we’ll include the method here.

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