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The best Starfield legendary weapon farming method is easier than you think

When it comes to Starfield legendary weapon farming, finding the best weapon mods was a matter of luck until this exploit was discovered.

The best Starfield legendary weapon farming method is easier than you think

Want that explosive Microgun you couldn’t find? Want to earn legendary weapons reliably? Thanks to a recent TikTok discovery, you can set up a Starfield legendary weapon farm in seconds for practically no cost, and get thousands of the best Starfield guns in minutes. Here’s how you exploit weapon cases in Starfield.

Of course, finding legendary weapon effects in Starfield naturally can be quite difficult. Even max level enemies aren’t guaranteed to drop the weapon you want, or the legendary effect you’re after. Until a Starfield mod allows you to equip and unequip legendary effects, grinding was the only way you could get that one weapon you really wanted.

But now, thanks to a weapon case exploit discovered by TikTok user unyphi, all you need to get the best weapons are Titanium and Polymer. Stockpile these two Starfield resources, and you can begin.

First, travel to the highest level planet you can find. Ideally, you want a level 75 planet for the best results. Land on the planet, and place down an outpost beacon.

Enter build mode and switch over to the “Display” panel. Cycle down to the “Weapon Case” option. You have three weapon cases to choose from: one for small guns, one for rifle-sized guns, and one for heavy weapons.

Build as many weapon cases as you can and leave them untouched.

Now, quicksave, and reload that quicksave.

Congratulations, all of those cases have just spawned random weapons and ammo inside of them. You can now run through them, checking to see what you spawned.

Screenshot of the Starfield legendary weapon farm weapon case exploit producing a legendary magstorm.

Of course, you can scale this up by getting more titanium and polymer so you can build more weapon cases, and therefore spawn more guns following another quicksave and reload.

It’s worth mentioning that loading your quicksave again after the first attempt will revert any closed boxes to empty, so make sure you open everything, and pick up any weapons you want to keep. You can then dismantle all of the weapon cases you’ve made, and rebuild them! On rebuilding them, repeat the quicksave quickload, and voila! More weapons.

By ramping your game difficulty up to “Very Hard” in the Starfield settings menu, and by going to a level 75 Starfield planet, you increase the chances of these guns spawning with legendary effects.

And that’s it! That’s all you need to do to set up a Starfield legendary weapon farm as TikTok user unyphi discovered.

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