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ENHANCE – Akila City

ENHANCE – Akila City
Location Akila City
Location Types Genetics Facility
Planet Akila
System Cheyenne
Summary A facility where you can alter your appearance.

ENHANCE – Akila City overview

Like all other Starfield locations, fully exploring ENHANCE – Akila City for items, NPCs, and missions is recommended. ENHANCE – Akila City is a Genetics Facility found on Akila, in the Cheyenne system.

For the low cost of 500 Credits, you can re-enter the Starfield character creator menu and alter your appearance, name, and pronouns. This functionality is repeatable as many times as you like, and gives you full access to the customization radials menus and options. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide you with the preset options as seen in the first character creation menu, but there will likely be a Starfield mod that re-enables this in the near future.

Also, bear in mind that while an ENHANCE facility can change your appearance, you cannot change your traits or background without using Starfield console commands.

ENHANCE – Akila City items and loot

You can potentially find the following items and loot at ENHANCE – Akila City:

No weapons have been confirmed at this location.

No consumables have been confirmed at this location.

No additional items have been confirmed at this location.