Akila City

Capital of the Freestar Collective, Akila City is a stronghold for independence, liberty, and frontier-style justice.

Akila City was founded in 2167 by Solomon Coe, just six years after the founding of New Atlantis in the Alpha Centauri system. The settlement of Akila City is also home to one of the most significant Starfield factions, the Freestar Collective.

The city itself is surrounded by an enormous wall to keep hostile fauna – such as the formidable Ashta – away from the population.

Finding something in Akila City is a bit of a challenge with the Starfield map. Fortunately, we’ve built a fully interactive Akila City map to help you find locations, NPCs, and more.

Akila City overview

Akila City is a City found on Akila, in the Cheyenne system.

Notable NPCs

Within Akila City, you can potentially encounter these Starfield NPCs:

The Freestar Collective and Tracker's Alliance faction maintain a presence at this location.

Akila City missions

Any number of locations in Starfield can provide you with quests, radiant missions, and Mission Board terminals from which to accept additional tasks.

Here are all the confirmed missions you can begin at Akila City:

Nearby locations

Akila City items and loot

You can potentially find the following items and loot at Akila City:

No weapons have been confirmed at this location.

No armor pieces have been confirmed at this location.

No additional items have been confirmed at this location.

Akila City trivia:

  • The name ‘Akila’ is likely derived from the latin ‘Aquila’ meaning ‘eagle’, and particularly described the eagle icon placed atop the ‘standards’ of Roman legions.
  • Akila City first featured in the June 2022 Starfield gameplay trailer.
  • Akila City featured heavily in the Starfield animated short “Where Hope Is Built.”

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