Neon Tactical

Neon Tactical overview

Neon Tactical is a Vendor found on Volii Alpha, in the Volii system. Like all other Starfield locations, fully exploring Neon Tactical for items, NPCs, and missions is recommended.

Notable NPCs

Within Neon Tactical, you can potentially encounter these Starfield NPCs:

Neon Tactical missions

Any number of locations in Starfield can provide you with quests, radiant missions, and Mission Board terminals from which to accept additional tasks.

Here are all the confirmed missions you can begin at Neon Tactical:

Nearby locations

Neon Tactical items and loot

You can potentially find the following items and loot at Neon Tactical:

No consumables have been confirmed at this location.

No additional items have been confirmed at this location.

Neon Tactical enemies

The following Starfield enemies have a chance to spawn at this location, but not all of them will be immediately hostile to you if you have good relationships with their faction, or if you have the appropriate Starfield skill:

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